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[ Updated 2022] Project Free TV Alternatives – Best Sites like Projectfreetv To Watch Movies

Check some of the best alternatives of project free tv. check whether this projectfreetv still available? List of Best Project free tv Website Alternatives 2022 to Watch Movies and series Online.

This article is all about Project Free TV. The present time is the era of technological revolution, this revolution is changing and developing everything.

Automobile, television, electronics, gadgets everything is changing, there is also the huge impact of technology on the Entertainment industry DTH services replace the introduction of internet cable connection.

Smart tv has changed the whole scenario now people are switching from DTH to online movies and tv series streaming by websites and applications.

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project free tv

What Is Project Free TV?

Project free tv is an online platform where viewers can stream tv series without spending a single penny. This website is specifically provided free access of tv series latest, episodes of tv shows, old tv shows, movies categorized according to a different genre. The content provided project free tv is not from its own

Project Free TV is a free streaming site that shows us almost every kind of TV shows of all genres. If you are a big fan of TV shows and in your extra time you are stick with remote control, we guarantee that you’ll feel amazing about Project Free TV. Project Free TVan ad-supported website.

Table of Contents

1 What Are The Best Streaming Sites Like Project Free TV
2.1 Is Project free tv legal?
2.2 How does Project Free TV Provide Secure Service?
2.3 Why Was Project FREE TV Closed?
2.4 Is Project Free TV still available?
3 Top 12 Best Alternatives to Project Free TV
3.1 1. Series free tv
3.2 2. The watch series
3.3 3. Watch free
3.4 4. Couch tuner
3.5 5. HDO
3.6 6. Cmovies
3.7 7. The 123Hulu
3.8 8. Bmovies
3.9 9. BitTorrent
3.10 10. 5movies
3.11 11. Movie4ktv
3.12 12. PrimWire
3.13 11. ProjectFreeTV
3.14 12. Project free tv
4 Authorized alternatives for project free tv
5 Ending words
What Are The Best Streaming Sites Like Project Free TV

Projectfreetv works like a search engine that provides you links from another site where you can access free content. Project free tv runs on an advertisement, you will experience pop up of several adverts while enjoying a movie or how on project free tv.

Once project free tv was an excellent way to stream online tv series But suddenly project free tv disappeared internet. This interest has given a push to online websites. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu these websites require a subscription to get access, and various free websites are also available on the internet one of them was project free tv.

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Is Project free tv legal?
There are several free and paid entertainment websites on the internet ex: YouTube, Vimeo. This huge number of websites has exposed viewers to a new threat regarding the privacy and safety of their data and has put users through a dilemma, the website they are using is safe or not.

By clicking on links provided to these kinds of websites you are being exposed to the threat of malware and security of privacy.

How does Project Free TV Provide Secure Service?
You should install antiviruses before streaming these kinds of websites to prepare your system in advance. So that malware can be detected and eradicated before infecting files on your pc. We can by streaming free content on project free tv you are exposing yourself to these kinds of threats.

You should not share your personal details, credit and debit card details, and on ad blocker on these sites. You should always be attentive to these questionable web site, by clicking on third party link and advertisement you might be putting your gadget at risk, sometime this may lead to downloading unwanted programs such as adware and browser muggers.

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These unwanted programs might obtain your personal information and change the settings of your browser, this changed the setting of tour Brower may lead you to face a lot of advertisements. Installing a good antivirus with spyware is the best option to get rid of these ads and securing your privacy.

Project free tv allows viewers to free access to the latest episode of free tv series. PFTV allows you to stream the latest episode of your favorite show in high quality such as Game of thorns.

Why Was Project FREE TV Closed?
The Walking Dead, Grey’s anatomy Homeland, and Jane the Virgin. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu these kinds of online Entertainment companies have started losing a huge part of their clients because of PFTV.Soon, it becomes a popular online entertainment website.

As it has gained popularity among online viewers it also has gained the attention of cyber cell crime police. As the stuff available on project free tv was not authorized and legal, the website has to take down from the internet. Firstly in the UK and after 2 years, it was taken down from the internet globally.

Is Project Free TV still available?
As we know project free is completely vanished from the internet. Several replica of project free tv has emerged on the internet. You can be identified those as one of these websites is operated by the owner of project free TV. There are several claims about it.

By using content provided by the illegal site, you are putting yourself in a foggy legitimate realm. Usually, this kind of site cannot exist for a long time, they use different domine names such as, project free tv., and many more other fake sites.

Project Free TV Mirror Sites

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Top 12 Best Alternatives to Project Free TV

Project free tv is a virtual portal that provides you free of charge access of your favorite content, but by streaming content, on PFTV you are jeopardizing your personal information, and exposing your gadget to the risk of malware.

We can say spending some money is more worthy than putting your security at risk. A list of few authorized and unauthorizes web site is given below for Free Project TV

When we are in need of find alternative there are always two option legal and illegal, lets discuss some unauthorized alternatives of project free TV. But you should always take precautions before streaming movies and series on them because some of them might cause some damage to your system or obtain personal information.

1. Series free tv

There are several imitate sites of project free tv on the internet. One of them is series free tv under the different domain names. The layout, features, and content available on this web site is emulate of PFTV.

This can be the best alternative of project free tv to stream free content online. Content available here is categorized according to genre and information about the new release and upcoming release is available at the main page.

This site provides pirated content and it is better to prepare your system by installing anti-virus before streaming through these kinds of sites.

2. The watch series

Watch series is also a replica of project free tv, you can stream and download tv-series and movies without spending a single buck. The watch series has gained some eminence after the shutdown of project free tv from the internet.

It provides viewers a huge database of more than 20000 tv shows and movies of various genres.You will be able to watch movies from different genre horror, romantic, comedy, thriller, action in had quality, without any registration.

As we can understand by its name this website specially provides tv series for streaming. But if you want to categorize content on the personal choice basis you have to create an account. You can read a review about that content; it will provide you a better understanding of the content before streaming.

3. Watch free
project free tv
Watch free is a virtual platform offer users to stream free online popular shows and latest movies as like projectfreetv It is a good alternate for PFTV. You can select from its ginormous collection of tv series and movie.

You can stream movies here in high quality with a simple user interface for free Indie pop, greys anatomy are few popular shows available here. You will be able to select the speed of video from the speed option rather than to stick with a single option.

4. Couch tuner
Project free Tv is a very unique concept of free of cost watching TV. All required features for good project tv, are offered by the couch tuner website. Couch tuner is economical way to watch famous tv series. This web site is not globally accessible.

It offers you to stream prevalent shows and movies in full high definition (1080). If you want to enjoy in your spare time this website deserves a try. You will be able to select and stream from its great collection. You will get annoyed by amount of ads while streaming on the couch tuner.

5. HDO

You will be captivated by its enamors collection of tv series and movies in high definition. Here you are not required register your account before streaming. This is a good option of project free tv.

6. Cmovies

CMovies offers u a magnificent collection of movies with no cost with ultimate user experience as like project free tv. It has collection of the latest movies that can be downloaded for offline streaming without spending a single penny.

7. The 123Hulu

This alternative of projectfreetv 123 Hulu is a virtual platform where you can enjoy free tv series and movie streaming. No need to mixed up the 123 Hulu with American virtual entertainment website HULU, they both are different online entertainment platforms.

The 123 Hulu offers you a vast collection of Hollywood movies and tv series. This platform makes your online Entertainment experience much better by providing ads-free streaming.

8. Bmovies
b movies

This website allows you to stream movies and tv shows in wonderful quality same as project free tv. It offers vast collection show and movie which can be stream from anywhere without spending a single penny. Bmovies allow you to stream and download content even without registration.

Always download any app from the official website. You should always be mindful for security so, never download Its app from third party links, by clicking on these kinds of links you may harm your system or laptop.

9. BitTorrent
bit torrent

This is a trustworthy platform to stream and download movies and tv shows in outstanding quality. There will no scarcity of content on BIT TORRENT. It has simple user interface.

This alternative of project freetv Bit torrent is user friendly and easy to use. You can stream from its enormous database, you will find here the latest episodes tv shows, new movies, and old movies too. Here you can get detail about the file which you are downloading.

10. 5movies
If you need of substitute of project free tv you should try 5movies. This website is one of leading website for free streaming content online with vast collection of content. You can select from various genre such as romantic, comedy thriller horror etc.
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11. Movie4ktv
If you are movies and tv series lover Movie4kt is a paradise for you where you can spend your leisure time and enjoy without spending a single buck. You can select from its huge collection superb content.

If you are searching for projectfreetv Movie4ktv offer you various features one of them is live tv. You can search content from the different genres; sit back and have fun.

12. PrimWire
Prime wire offers you a lot of thrilling features with no cost such as musicals, fictional superhero films. After registration, you can save your preferred moves and shows which you can stream.

This website runs on ads so you will find a lot of ads pop-ups while streaming. adware and malware can damage your system so install antivirus before streaming on these kinds of sites.

11. ProjectFreeTV
One of the best sites in this category and almost all the latest episodes are updated every day. You can also keep going back to the same problem as long as the internet connection is stable enough. Though the author of the website states that he is not responsible for any content shown so far the website has served its purpose well.

12. Project free tv

Here you see the real Project free TV website which still uploads some sort of online shows. This is an ad free platform where you can enjoy and not get disturbed by ads while watching shows continuously. This one provides us free platform to watch ads free movies

Authorized alternatives for project free tv
The authorized platform, where you can stream tv-series and movies untroubled and tension free. A list of authorized platforms is given below and you can read about them.

Amazon PRIME
You Tube
Tubi tv

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Ending words
The extract of this article about project free tv tells that there is a massive number of entertainment websites on the internet. Streaming on legal sites requires a subscription, where you can enjoy without any interruption and peace of mind.

Unauthorized websites are free of cost most of them are safe and trying to follow protocols but while streaming just one click on the wrong link and can put your security at risk. The final choice is yours let’s hope you will choose the best option.


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