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Best Litanswers Alternatives Top Sites like similar to Textsheet[UPDATED 2022]

Best Alternatives To in 2021. Check the top sites like similar to Textsheet. The 100% working similar sites to get free study online in 2021

The Top Litanswer alternatives are Slader, Studylib, and Chegg.We have provided all the details about these websites. Hope, this was helpful. According to your criteria, you can select which one is the best option for you. These options are authorized and legal.

Table of Contents

1.1 What happened to Litanswers?
2 LitAnswers Alternatives: Best Sites For Studying Online Dec 2020
2.1 1. SLADER
2.2 2. StudyLib
2.3 3.
2.4 4. CHEGG
2.7 7. Crazy for study
2.8 Conclusion
Lit Answers – Brief Description

In this Codid Era On this virtual platform lit answer, students were able to get Chegg solutions of numerous subjects without spending a single dime here After shut down the text sheet, litanswers were the best substitute.

What happened to Litanswers?
Litanswers and textsheet both were providing answers to complex questions and assistance in inextricable assignments and projects and it was the best alternative for Textsheet ,the solution provided by them was not their own they were taken from Chegg. You can say it was a copyright issue for

Now major concern why textsheet and litanswers, both sites were taken down?

DMCA copyright infringement asserted by Chegg has compelled them to shut down their website from the internet for Firstly, textsheet was taken down, after textsheet lit answers become the most popular website but due to copyright issues of content for to get free Chegg answers provided by litanswers. was also taken down within one year. This has created major issues for students, after the assessment of several online educational supporting websites on various determinants. We come up with a list of alternative websites. Our main aim is to save the time and energy of those students who are searching for free solutions of chegg and wants to complete their assignments as soon as possible.

Textsheet was very popular among students of the US. Textsheet was an educational portal on which students can get solutions to their assignments, projects, and homework absolutely free and alternatives of litanswers to get free Chegg answers. Textsheets has been an exceptional resource to find the solution to their homework-related questions.

How to Get Free Chegg Answers

Almost most of us are searching for litanswers for free Chegg answers when this site stopped working. You might be sad to hear that you cant access Chegg answers anymore? But no there are many alternatives available on the internet you can search and find relevant options.

LitAnswers Alternatives: Best Sites For Studying Online Dec 2020
Here we will show you the best alternatives for lit answers Here is a list of six popular alternatives of litanswers from which you can choose according to your need.

Millions of students are getting a solution to their problem with sladers. Slader is the best alternatives of Chegg and litanswers and an American-based academic website where students can get free solutions to their problems step by step.

The solution of complicated problems was either submitted by students or is an expectational website that provides a solution to all age group students grade school, middle school, high school, and college students.

Slader provides solutions for several textbooks, you have to type the title of the text or scan the bar code of textbook and you will get the most relevant solutions. After text sheets and lit answers shut down, slader is becoming an outstanding academic portal by providing high-quality content for students.

“ Slader teaches students how to learn with step-by-step solutions, subject-matter expertise and a global network of student contributors. As an independent platform, Slader’s only purpose is to help students succeed.”-slader


It provides study material for all students for free.
It can be accessed on the ios and android devices by its app.
You can get a solution for whole textbooks.

It runs on the basis of the advertisement. if you want an ad-free study than you have to opt for a subscribed version that’s 1.99 $.
2. StudyLib

Studylib I an exceptional alternative for litanswers. On this site, you can get a solution for science, maths arts humanities and download documents as well as share with others. Studylib comes with an inbuilt flashcard explorer and grammar checker.

On this website, you can create your own flashcard according to your own requirements to study, if you want to add text and multimedia to a flashcard. This website has a vast database collection from where you can select, read, and download documents worksheets lesson for free like litanswers.

On Studylib you can create your own collection of document videos flashcards and share it with your friend. You are required to register here before accessing these services and facilities provided by study lib which is free of cost.

“Studylib is the easiest way to learn faster and retain knowledge longer. Powered by cognitive science research our spaced repetition platform make studying as efficient as humanly possible” -study lib

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Free registration
Flashcard and grammar extension facilities are provided for students.
You can read and download worksheets and documents for free.
Textsheet was a predominant website in providing solutions to complex assignments this website was optimized by students to get information related to their studies. It was one of the best alternatives of Chegg But now, is shut down because content available on this site was not legally its own.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an online educational platform which provides assistance in assignments and project and provides solution of homework for students. Chegg offers various services like book renting, textbook purchasing and selling, online tutoring, internship, test preparation. Chegg and Kaplan have come together for the benefit of students.

They are providing excellent content for better performance in tests. together they providing content prepared with the help of experts with the objective of achieving their goal.

Chegg is providing more than 25000 scholarships you have to fill your detail and GPA in the application. CHEGG is quite popular among students of high school and college. Chegg is providing help for students in 80 subjects with the facility of flashcards.

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It has more than 3.4 million subscribers. CHEGG is a paid site you have to subscribe to it for access of content available here. Chegg offers various subscription plan according to them you are provided with facilities such as online video classes with tutors and chat facilities.

You can ask any question any time they will provide you with the best possible solution. You can access Chegg on both iOS and Android devices. We can say CHEGG is the most reliable and legal alternative for Litanswers if you have no issue regarding budgets.


CHEGG is an authorized website for finding a solution to homework-related queries.
It provides the facility of 24*7 assistance.

For accessing study martial you have to subscribe it .

Course hero
Course hero
COURSE HERO is an American based virtual portal founded in 2006 by Andrew Greear and one of the best alternatives of Textsheet and Litanswers. The main objective of course hero is to prepare students for their exams by providing the best possible resources.

It incorporates solution of problem step by step, notes, textbook solutions, content provided by instructors. Course heroes offer more than 40 million courses martial supported by more than 37000 faculty.

There are two options for access to course hero one is that you have to upload original study martial to get unlocks to read and download content available on the website. Otherwise you will have to pay a subscription fee of $9.95 monthly for accessing the course hero.

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Course heroes provide scholarships to deserving candidates.
Course hero provides assistance on the various subject with the help of experts
It can be accessed on all gadgets.

1. You have to subscribe to it or earn unlock to get access to study martial on this website.

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spark notes
spark notes

SparkNotes primarily knew sparks created by Harvard students for providing help in literature history and philosophy later on other subjects were added. Mainly sparks notes provide assistance for English literature and arts, preparation for various competitive exams SAT/PAT, ACT, and AP.

They offer more than 500 guides for English literature and for other subjects they have vast databases of content. They provide an option named NO FEAR SHAKESPEARE. Here literature students can find a transcription of Shakespeare can be considered as a good alternative of Litanswers.

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A ginormous collection of content is available for students.
Sparks notes provide better insight into art and literature which is absolutely free.
Convenient accessibility of the website, you can access it on a smartphone or system.
1. Sparks notes run through advertisements.
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7. Crazy for study
Crazy for study
Crazy for study

Crazy for study I another best substitute for litanswers. It provides solutions for homework, assignment, and project with a good user interface. CFS provides access to over 50 million textbooks. You can find solutions for science, English, maths, accounts, finance, banking, chemistry, social science.

This site provides a step-wise solution to problems. You can find syllabus related questions and answer here, if the solution is unavailable you can put up your queries.

You can get a solution for your complex assignment by paying 10 $ for each page for the requested assignment. You can get access over 40 million books solution,24*7 assistance for your homework, Question, and answer by paying a 7$montly subscription fee.


You can get solution for 50million books
24*7 assistance for homework.

1. It is a paid site for access of content you will have to pay 7 $monthly fee.

In this article we have discussed what happened to Textsheet and Litanswers and alternatives of Litanswers., selection of substitutes depends on your criteria. You can find Best LitanswerAlternatives here. What is your monthly budget? Which is your mainstream subject? Do you want a solution to textbooks or online tuitions?

After putting up these questions we find the exact solution regarding this topic thanks for reading!!!


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