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Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 [Solved] 2021 Guide | Quick Solution

Netflix error code NW-2-5 displays a network connectivity issue message that prevents your device from reaching the Netflix service. Learn How To Fix Error Code nw-2-5 Netflix?

Netflix is an American online entertainment company established in 1997. It is based in California. On this online portal, you can stream TV series, movies, and web series. Netflix offers a ginormous database of shows and movies and some original series also. It is famous for its adventurous shows even though you can stream old famous shows like grays anatomy, the vampire diaries.

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1 What is NETFLIX
2 What is NETFLIX ERROR NW-2-5
3 General solution for Netflix errorNW-2-5
6.1 Xbox 360
6.2 Xbox one
7 Conclusion
Netflix is free for 30 days trial period after the trial period you have to subscribe to access the content provided by Netflix. You can stream in high definition according to your subscription plan. Netflix can be streamed from both IOS and Android devices. Online streaming of content is quite convenient you can enjoy streaming anywhere but some time we face various issues while streaming online.


There might be poor network connections or issues regarding the website or app. Recently Netflix users are facing error NW-2-5 Lets discuss error NW- 2-5 which is currently faced by Netflix usersin2020. Here we will explain to you what is error NW-2-5 and how to ADDRESS it?

It is very infuriating and annoying when you are enjoying any shows and some error occurs in between currently, Netflix users are facing Error NW-2-5. Error NW-2-5 on Netflix indicates that there is some problem in your network which intercepting your device to connect with Netflix.

Millon of users is streaming Netflix in more than 50 countries. Netflix is a convenient and user-friendly tool and can be accessed on all gadget blue rays, with Xbox, PlayStation, smart TV, and mobile. But recently in 2020netflix is eliciting error NW-2-5 which is quite exasperating. Tech experts have derived that users of Xbox Roku PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 generally face the error NW-2-5. It occurs mostly on Sony PlayStation 3 but doesn’t panic this error can be solved easily. Let’s discuss the ways to deal with Netflix error NW-2-5.

General solution for Netflix errorNW-2-5
Verify internet connectivity of your device-Make sure that the device you are using for streaming Netflix is connected to the internet. for ensuring you can play video or download any app. If you found that your device is not connected to the network. Ask for support from the manufacturer of your device. After following the given above step you’re not successful in solving error you can try the next few troubleshooting methods.

Verify if Netflix is not prohibited by your network operator-some time when you are using Netflix in a hotel, school, university, and hospital it might be possible that Netflix is deliberately blocked by them. Generally, in schools and universities, social media and entertainment sites are blocked by administrators for encouraging students to access the net for studies. And hotel authorities block these kinds of sites to stop excessive consumption of the internet.

If you are trying to stream Netflix by using public internet connection there is the possibility of low bandwidth.

Reboot your gadgets and network connection-If you still facing trouble than the simplest way is to reboot your gadget, power off your gadget, and unplug the power cord, wait for a while. And long press on the power button helps in discharge it completely. Now plug-in cord and switch on your device and try to access Netflix.

Sometimes if rebooting your device doesn’t help in solving error NW-2-5 You can try to solve it by rebooting your network by power-off the device, unplug it. The modem and router should be unplugged and disconnected. Wait for 45 seconds and then connect the modem to power supply wait till lights of the modem on, now connect the router to the power supply and wait till lights of the router on that plugin your device and switch on it try to stream Netflix.

Boost wireless network connection- Even after rebooting of gadget and reactivation of network if you are not able to deal with the error you can try to boost wireless network connection. You can boost wifi network by changing routers position, and place router on someplace which on Hight. Sometimes other electronics can reduce the quality of the network so try to avoid placing a router near a microwave, cordless phone, and baby monitor, etc.

Connect router through cable-Generally our smart tv, play stations have a wireless connection with the router, after reactivating network if Netflix is accessible then there might be a problem in router connective which can be solved by connecting your smart tv or gaming console directly with the router.

If these common methods didn’t work out for Netflix error on your PlayStation and Xbox let’s try to solve Netflix error in each particular device.

DNS settings are associated with websites and access of emails so DNS permits to access emails and websites under the singular domain name. We understand the association of DNS with the access of the website let’s try to change the DNS setting in our gadgets to make Netflix accessible on them.

Switch on PlayStation, go to the main MENU and direct to settings

For a change in setup go to network settings under settings option press ok button on the remote.

Now go to custom, you have to choose between two option wireless connection or wired connection according to the type of connection you have.

A) if you are using wired connection then go to operation mode and hit on autodetect.

B) if you are using wireless connection go to WLAN selection and enter manually, to go to IP Address you have press right button 3 times.

Now you have to choose an automatic option under IP address settings.

Choose do not set under the DHCP hostname.

Choose an automatic option under DNS settings.

Choose automatic in MTU.

Select do not disturb under proxy server.

Choose enable under UPnP.

To save the changes made by you, press the x button.

To verify connection condition, select test condition if it’s connected then try to access net flix.

Xbox 360
To change settings in Xbox 360 press guide button on your Xbox controller.

Choose System Setting in settings, pick Network Setting.

Choose the configure network after selecting your network operator.

Choose DNS settings and select automatically.

Reboot your Xbox.

After rebooting attempt to stream Netflix.
Xbox one
For modifying the setup of DNS in Xbox one press menu button on the controller and go to settings.

Choose all settings (optional).
Choose a network setting in after selecting the network.

After choosing the advanced setting, select DNS settings.

Pic automatic and to save modification press B button.

After saving modifications reboot Xbox and reattempt to stream Netflix.
We have reviewed all available options for solving error NW-2-5 occurs while we stream Netflix. Even after following these steps you are not able to figure out this error, you should Definity contact your network service provide and discuss issues regarding Netflix error. follow steps suggested by them even replace router for better network connectivity.


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