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Price chopper direct connect login is service for employees works for price chopper. So that employees have access to any announcement made by the company so they can stay updated. And here we are going to discuss the process of registration for new employees of price chopper also how to log in to understand the procedure you can read below.

What is price chopper

Price chopper is a chain of supermarkets based on Schenectady in NewYork. The chain opened its first supermarket in the capital district of New York in 1932 after that in 1972 that changed the name as price chopper. Price chopper setup other stores in different parts of the US . The price chopper is owned by Golub corporation which holds a 45% share and 55% share are held by employees. The chain deals with household products and floral departments with the name of the central market use the central market name. Price chopper operates in the united states in New York, Vermont, Hampshire Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont , and Massachusetts. All products are distributed from the same warehouse distribution center in Rotterdam new York.

Price chopper direct connect

Price chopper direct connect login is a login portal service for those who work with price chopper. So that employees can stay updated to any news related to the company any time anywhere. It is a virtual environment that makes smooth management of their work accounts. But at first they have to register themselves to price chopper direct connect portal.

Benefits of price chopper direct connect-

Price chopper offers exclusive benefits for its employees through price chopper direct login portal which can access them anywhere by login to piece choppers web site.

1. Deal with your profile
2. Oversee and check your work schedule
3. Apply for leave application and check their status
4. Compare and check your work progress on a monthly basis
5. Stay connected to your co-workers
6. Check the annual calendar and make your work schedule


Basically to login into price chopper direct connect account you should be an employee of price chopper. You are required to have the following things for sign in at the price chopper account.

1. Internet connection: You need the latest Web browser like safari, Mozilla firefox google chrome, Internet explorer.
2. Price chopper login qualification
3. Price chopper direct connect login URL
4. Log in to price chopper direct connect account
5. On a very basic level to login into price chopper account, you will require either email id or a price chopper direct connect (PCDC) user.

Price Chopper Direct Connect Account Login

Price chopper direct connect is explicitly intended to facilitate employees of price chopper. Only they can sign in and get their accounts information. Customers don’t have any facility to sign up for the price chopper direct connect portal. Employees with a price chopper account can log in by computer, laptops, or mobile. To compare hand the procedure of registration and login please follow this.


price choper direct connect

Step1: Open a web browser and visit price chopper direct connect website
Step2: Click to log in on the top bar
Step3: Insert your username or unique price chopper id
Step4: Enter your password
Step5: Hit on submit

This is the procedure for current employees who will be able to login to price chopper direct connect account.

Registration on price chopper direct connect account

If you are a new employee you need to register yourself on price chopper direct connect for registration follow these means

Step 1: Open a web browser and visit the price chopper direct connect website
Step 2: Click on user management on the upper right corner next to login

Step 3: A box will appear on the screen and click on the register
Step 4: Another box will appear and you have to fill in user id which company gave you

Step 5: Create a password and you will have to respond to three questions for security purpose
Step 6: Hit on submit and you are registered

This is the process of registration on price chopper direct connect account for new employees of the organization.

How to recover price chopper direct connect account.

In everyday life it is possible you may forget password but on this price chopper direct connect website,it is very easy to reset password –
Step 1 : You have to click on user management
Step 2 : A small window will appear to click on reset password
Step 3 : You have to enter your user-id
Step 4 : Hit on submit
The link will help you in reset your password propitiously.

How to change password

If you want to change your account password then, Go through the following steps to change the price chopper direct connect login password.

  1. For this visit, the same price chopper direct connects website
  2. Snap-on the user management link on the page
  3. After this snap on the change password from the user management window.
  4. Now the change password window will open

  1. Enter your unique id in the input box
  2. Now enter your old password
  3. After this enter your new password which you want to use for your price chopper account
  4. Re-enter the password for confirmation
  5. Click on submit to set a new password

Price chopper portals

Apart from, there are two portals that the price chopper is using for benefit.

1.My price chopper
My price chopper is for the connection of the teammate. My price chopper is specially designed for the employees of the organization.

To use this facility provided by price chopper employees have to enter their email id or their price chopper direct connect login user name and password.
If they cannot remember their password. Then they have another option also. They have to click on the link given on the right side of the page. If they have the price chopper email then snap on the first link on-page and don’t have the email then click on the other link.

2.My teammate portal
My teammate portal is another one of the price choppers web portal. It permits access to only its employees. To log in to my teammate portal you can use your price chopper id and password.


  1. Price Chopper Direct Connect Webpage
  2. Price Chopper FAQs Webpage
  3. Price Chopper Official Webpage


The above article explains how to register, login and how to manage price chopper direct connect account. That can be accessed by using their unique id and password on price chopper direct connect website and by this, it is very easy for the employees of price chopper to manage their profile from anywhere any time.

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