Z-line Desk review Z-line Desk | Gaming Desk 71ftjpBMMBL._SL1500_

Z-line Desk review Z-line Desk | Gaming Desk 71ftjpBMMBL._SL1500_

The Z-line desk is known for its modern sleek design. This brand screams out luxury and beauty all at a reasonable price. The z-line desks are known to be a great piece of furniture that flows well with modern furniture. What most gamers want are nice looking desks that make their set up stand out and the Z-line is the perfect desk to accomplish that.

Here we have compiled the top pros and cons that this desk has received from real customers. We have made sure to get you the facts and what to expect with this desk. At the bottom of the page, you will find pictures of real customer’s desks and how they have set their computers on the z-line desks.

In this case, we will be looking at the z-line blaire glass L shaped computer desk.


Adjustable Keyboard Tray – The desk is an L-shaped desk and the keyboard tray can be moved to either side of the table. This simple option allows you to put the tray were it best fits your needs.

Assembly – Getting the desk delivered is one thing, but most customers acknowledged that putting this desk together was very easy. Unlike wood, metal frames are easier to put together when assembling.

Quality – The quality for the price amazes most buyers. This desk looks like a 500 dollar desk at 1/4 of that price. If you think it looks nice on pictures, wait unit you see it in person. The frames are sturdy and the glass top will hold anything you put on it.

Adjust as needed – The Z-line desk is able to bet switched around. You can place the flat side on the left and the shelf side on the right to accommodate your needs.

No tools needed – This desk will not require any tools from your end. Any tool needed will come with the desk. This alone has made many customers happy knowing they won’t need anything else after their purchase.



Wiring – Due to the slim metal frames and the see through glass you will see your cables run all over the place. The lack of cable management makes the wires stick out like a sore thumb. Some possibilities in fixing these issues are to run the wires along the metal legs or use tubing to hide the wires.

Glass surface – Due to it being a glass surface, you will see finger prints and smudges much easier than on wood or other surfaces. If you are the type of person that hates seeing these types of things on a desk, get ready to clean it a lot.

Weight – The desk if fairly heavy once completed at about 100 pounds. If you won’t be moving it, then great, but if you are the type to move furniture as much as when the seasons change, you might want to get some help.

Suction cups – This desk uses 4 suction cup to hold the glass surface in place. The glass might move if you put too much pressure at the corners.

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Here we have compiled the most common pros and cons on the z-line blaire glass desk. We know this desk has a great setup for gaming computer and the pictures bellow prove that. Most gamers would be proud to own this beauty at such a great price.

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