Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk Review ,Walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3 piece corner desk

This Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk gives amzing work space.The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is made with fabulas design .This is a  modern  professional design in Walker Edison Soreno 3 piece corner desk

It uses tempered safety glass and  steel legs forwhich makes it strong and durable this desk also have a CPU stand and a keyboard tray  which slide and it can be mounted on both side of kw .This  L-shape desk  gives us  more space and the design gives the most interesting stylish looks.This can be set in any room ,home or office.walker edison soreno 3 piece corner desk  Tempered safety glass thickness is 6 mm This highlights the clean lines of the desk and accentuates the beauty of its minimal design.

walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk
walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk


walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk, black with black glass Comes in a polished and beveled tempered safety glass surface
The sturdy steel frame comes with a black powder coat finish
A sliding keyboard comes with the table
A separate and dedicated CPU stand is provided
Measures 51” in overall depth
Measures 51” in width, 20” depth,, and 29” height
Comes with step-by-step instructions
Shipped ready to build

Frequently Asked Questions about walker edison soreno 3 piece corner desk 
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Longer assembly times may result in additional service fees

What happens next?
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How many pieces of furniture can the pro complete in walker edison soreno 3 piece corner desk timeframe?

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Is this the right service for me for walker edison soreno 3 piece corner desk ?

Amazon Home Services offers product-specific assembly services for many furniture products. When possible, it is best to order a service specific to your product rather than ordering hourly assembly services. See the full list of product-specific assembly services here.

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*Looks modern, sleek, and very professional

*Sturdy design despite streamlined (very thin) limbs and supports

*Plenty of clearance for my legs and shins (I’m 5′ 11″). I kick the wall behind the desk before I come near the cross beams

*Supports multiple monitors and desktop computers without concern of collapsing.

*Provides a surprisingly large amount of work area. *Glass edges are angled to prevent scraping of limbs and chipping of the glass.

*Extra of each screw in case of defects.

*Superb packing. Both boxes looked like they had been dragged behind the truck upon delivery. No damage was found when we opened what remained of the box.

*Assembly is pretty speedy. Took an hour without a drill and 20 minutes with one. Keep in mind I had already assembled one when I busted out the drill. I’d expect around a half hour for anyone with a drill reading the directions the first time through.

*Phone number and website are provided on front of assembly instructions in case anything is lost, broken, or flat out missing.



*No built in options for cable management. Invest in some zip ties if that’s a must.

*Limbs are all hollow. Saves on weight (and your back during assembly) but allows you to punch bolts through if you aren’t careful.

*No options to install drawers, a hutch, or a small cupboard. It is what it is. *You will have styrofoam everywhere when you’re done, but at least your glass won’t be broken.

*The keyboard tray is TINY. It fits a large wired keyboard with number pad and has about an inch of glass to spare. Your mouse and keyboard will be living separate lives from now on.

*You will at the very least need a philips head screw driver. I’m sincerely hoping that’s not a deal breaker for anyone.

*Every part is conveniently labeled with a sticker. The sticker cannot be conveniently removed, especially the large square one on the keyboard glass. You may need a razor blade to remove the stickers on the glass, or cover it up with your keyboard.



*Glass tops are all held in place by suction cups

*Directions don’t indicate you can decide which side has the keyboard. Simply swap parts 2 and 4 for part 6 during assembly.

*Directions have you build keyboard tray AFTER attaching keyboard support to desk. This means you assemble it from BENEATH the desk. Do the keyboard assembly part of step 5 and 6 immediately after step 2. You’ll be glad you did.

*A drill speeds assembly up tremendously, but keep in mind the hollow limbs. I recommend drilling 95% of the way, and manually tightening with included allen wrench the remaining 5%.

*The provided PC tower holder is supposed to go under the desk. That’s fine if you don’t mind it sucking up all the dust, hair, and debris on your floor (yay clean floors!). The corner piece of glass can easily support a 15 lb PC tower. We bought these desks to provide enough space on each for multiple monitors, a desktop PC, and an xbox. They delivered with a bit of space to spare. As you can see from the picture I uploaded, you probably will want some zip ties if you’re putting electronics on these desks.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk is a Black desk with  Glass which gives it a very  sleek and designer looks and gives an amazing space to place  your computer or laptop and more. These features gives  the desk a popular desk for all kinda professionals and gamers too. Versatility of this  desk  shows as

*  L-shaped table

* 2 separate tables

* 1 one long table.


The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, increases its multi functionality.The combination of  of contemporary and modern in of the Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk is also gives it attraction and its  material with black color gives it astonishing look. if your nature is traditional into furniture, you will love this desk.

the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk comes in a black color, which perfectly  blends with any space The color is classy which it stands out of any corner at your home. do not  worry about finding the matching chair to go with it,  the Walker Edison Soreno 3 is L-shaped. You can do whatever you want with an L-shaped desk,doesn’t take much space

You can use one desk for work and the other for gaming.it is having a dedicated CPU stand.Table doesn’t have shelves and drawers so you have option to  stretch your legs in.The Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass comes with extras of each screw provided jThe assembly time can be one in just a few hours.

Pros of walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk

• Highly durable because of the sturdy solid construction featuring stainless steel

• Easy to assemble because of the simple design and instructions from the manufacturer

• Very comfortable to use

• It is aesthetically appealing

• Highly flexible

• Creates more space within the office because of its L-Shape

• The desk can compliment any room regardless of the size

• The black glass makes it great for hiding cables
Cons of the product

• The keyboard tray featured does not have enough space to accommodate a standard keyboard and mouse

• Tightening some of the screws is not easy to the point that you may need help from an expert

CONS of walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk,

There really is tough to say  anything too bad to say about the Walker Edison 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with black glass.but some are there like…

1 Cable or wire managemen

2 No drawers or shelves, .

3 Limbs 

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VERDICT of walker edison soreno 3-piece corner desk

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You should always choose desk by watching these points.

【MODERN AND SMART】It’s a product of stylish and modern design made from wood and metal. The surface is easy care、robust and clean .

【DURABLE METAL FRAME】Stable L shape style made with Strong metal structure.Durable ,load better and safety for use.

【MULTI-PURPOSE 】Brilliant for Small Spaces with this black small desk. It can be a computer desk, writing desk,gaming desk ,printer desk etc.

【SPACING SAVING】 An office desk with a useful hutch and a bottom shelf. It can accommodate most of your necessary office accessories.

【HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE】The computer desk height can be about 1 inch lhigher by adjusting the leg tips, ensures stability even on uneven floor.

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