TTU Raiderlink Login 2021 – eRaider Texas Tech University System

TTU Raiderlink Login – eRaider Texas Tech University System. Raiderlink is your online campus connection to link you to the resources you need in your role at Texas Tech.

This public university was established in February 1923. Texas tech university was known as Texas technical university until 1969.TTU has 60 research centers,13 collages that offer 150 courses.

Texas tech university has nicknamed its athlete team red raiders. Like all universities, TTU Raiderlink has also integrated innovation and technology for providing a better learning environment for student.

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What is Raiderlink? | IT Services for Faculty | TTU

“Spirit of Raiderland”As u can understand they refer themselves as raiders or Raiderland. So electronic id provided to students is known as eraider. A prospective student can obtain information regarding their application and admission on an online platform known as raider connect and whole information regarding college schedule. Whether financial facilities classes calendar can access by raiderlink.



You can a student is known as raider at TTU and their whole “raider” system where they are providing online information to connect students to faculties and staff and college. As a prospective student of Raiderlink TTU, there are few terms which basic for them

Raiderconnect How to Enroll in Raiderlink – Texas Tech University

Raider connect is used for the admission process of students. By using eraider connect any student can manage their admission and registration process, the status of your application after admission.They provide you with Eraider account.


eRaider is e account by using it you will be able to use various other facilities provided to students. TTU offers a student various facilities like free software downloading, online training, online registration for various courses internet facility. This electronic id helps to access all these facility and access to raider link.e raider is a fundamental requirement.

This platform is used by students faculty and staff. You can use raiderlink by Eraider. Raiderlink provides you access to your schedule, class roster, you can pay fees, register for a class, etc.

What is R number?

Rnumber is your TTU id starts with rnumber and eight-digit number. This id number will remain the same throughout your course in university. You can obtain Rnumber by log in to raiderlink and there will be your name on the of page rnumber below your name.


Your Eraider account is your Texas Tech University electronic identification. It is a single username and password for use in accessing most resources at TTU to which you will need to sign in electronically.

Acquiring E Raider account

All students, faculty members staff have eraider account. If you are a new student at TTU your account is already initiated at the time of your admission. Students are provided with a setup code, if you don’t have and set up code, you can check your mail account sometimes they manually authorized your account.

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All About Raiderlink TTU

Raiderlink connects whole campus staff and students and displays all information to student staff and faculty members, informs regarding declaration by the administration, updates about financial service given to the student, saving assignments, weather predictions. schedules, classes, students, and faculty can access the internet by using a raider link.

Login Process  raiderlink

1. Open a web browser and go to TTU official website.

2. On this main page of TTU on the upper right corner click on the raider link.

3. Now you will be redirected to a new page enter TTU email id / eRaider user name and password click on sign-in button.

4. You have successfully logged in to raiderlink.

Save your assignment and project online raiderlink

Previously raiderlink provided you facilities of saving assignments on raider drive without using USB drive. But this service is replaced by agreement between Microsoft and TTU campus. This agreement has provided TTU current student-faculty and staff with powerful memory support,100 GB memory is for each department personal documents can be saved on one drive.

Registration for classes using raiderlink

Students who want to register for classes can use raiderlink for registration. For registration follow the instruction given below.

1. For online registration of classes open a web browser and go to the official TTU website.

2. Click on raiderlink on the upper right corner of the TTU web page. Or paste the

3. Click on the TTU my tech tab.

4. A list will open.

5. Go to manage my enrollment.

6. Under this option click on registration.

7. Raiderlink for faculty

Eraider account is essential for whole campus member faculty or student. its fundamental account, ERaider is the electronic identification of TTU. To access raiderlink you have to sign in by Eraider user id.

For login follow the instruction given below.

1. Open your browser and go to the texas tech university website.

2. For login, raiderlink go to the top right corner click on raiderlink.

3. Or paste the link given

4. You will be redirected to a new page.

5. Enter required credentials your e raider user id and password and click on the sign-in button.

6. You have successfully logged in to raiderlink.

7. After login you will be directed to a new page of raider link there will be a different tab .

There will be a tab named faculty and advisor tab. That tab is used to manage the roster, the grade of students, and the schedule of claes parking and transportation registration of students. faculty members can email the whole class.

Raiderlink IT Services for Students | TTU  Requirement

  • Setup code

  • Mobile phone no

Process of setting Eraider account Sign In

Step 1. Open your web browser and paste link

Step 2. You will be redirected to a new page there will be an option set up account .click on it.

Step 3: Fill your detail in the blank field your name, Lastname, birthdate, and most important code provided to by TTU.

Step 4: Read care-full terms and click on agree.

Step 5. The confirmation process depends on how your account is approved. If automatically you just need to click on continue, and if approval process I manual then you have filled your personal information.

Step 6: On-net page for the security of your account they will ask contact no to send you a notification at the time of resetting the password.

Step 7: They will send you a verification code on your contact no, enter the code and hit on continue.

Step:8 You will be redirected to the password setting page here to enter a password.

Step 9: Hit on continue.

Step:10 Account authentication process requires 30 minutes of with, after that, you will receive a notification

User name obtaining process User Accounts & Portals | Admitted Student Tasklist | Transition & Engagement | TTU (Link)

If you are a new student and you don’t know your Eraider accounts user name then you can easily obtain it by following the steps given below.

Step:1  Open your web browser and paste the link given below

Step:2  You will be redirected to a new page there will be 5 options, click on forget user name.

Step:3  A new window will open and you are required to fill in the required information like your name and birthdate.

Step:4  To verify your identity a verification code will be received to your registered mobile no either SMS or call. You can choose between receiving a call or receiving SMS and click on continue

Step:5  Type the received code and hit on the verify button.

Step:6  Now if you have all registered required information your username will be displayed on system /mobile screen.

Password resetting process Raiderink

It is a human tendency to forgot or lost things, sometimes we forgot our ac passwords or sometimes for privacy issues we need to change our password. FOR resetting password there is two option available.

A) Reset password

B) Forgot password

A) password Resetting process

Sometimes we want to change our passwords reason behind them can be security or privacy issues, by following step given below the password of the Eraider account can be changed easily.

Step:1  To reset the password for e raider id Go to your browser and paste link

Step:2  A new window will open and click on the change password.

Step:3  It will redirect you to a new window where you are required to type your e raider user name or radier-id and password.

Step:4  Select the option about receiving verification code either on-call or by SMS. And click on continue.

Step:5  After receiving the verification code type it in the required field and hit on the verify button.

Step:6  You will be redirected to a new page where you can type your Eraider account’s new password and hit on verify.

Step:7  Volla you have successfully changed your Eraider password.


B) If you have lost or forgot your current e raider accounts password by following step you will be able to reset it.

Step:1  Open your web browser and paste the given link .

Step:2  You will be redirected to a new window from the given options select. forgot password and click on it.

Step:3  Now a new window will and type the required information your Eraider id and date of birth hit on continue.

Step:4  You will be redirected to a new page and asked for your social security number or tech id and hit on continue.

Step:5  For verification of your identity you will receive a verification code on your registered mobile no, you will be given the choice of selecting the mode of receiving code either by call or by SMS after selecting click on continue.

Step:6  Type the received verification code in the required field on the next window and click on the verify button.

Step:7  Now you can type a new password and retype the new password for confirmation, click on confirm button.

Step:8  Now you have successfully set a new password for your account.

How to manage Eraider account?

To control settings, you can manage your Eraider account by following instructions step by step given below

1. Open a web browser and paste the link

2. You will be directed to a new page and click the manage account option.

3. Enter your TTU official user-id/Eraider id and password and hit on sign-in button.

4. TTU use duo authentication for security purpose, so you can choose. How you want the verification code? By call or by SMS.

5. After entering the verifying code hit on the verify button and you can manage your Eraider account.

Provides financial support for abroad studies- RaiderConnect | Undergraduate Admissions | TTU (Link)

Texas the university gives the opportunity to deserving students to study and gain experience in other countries. According to your major subject, finance TTU faculty help you in selection. TTU provides financial support to students who want to gain experience in other countries.

Texas tech university supports you to achieve your learning goals in 70 other countries. Studying abroad can be expensive so if you want a scholarship is providing assistance at every step for a student who wants to study abroad if they have a lack financial resources.

TTU has financial aid workshops, and scholarships according to the department, other financial resources are also available for eligible candidate for study in a foreign country You have to apply at federal student aid (FAFSA).

You can fill your application here at submit the documents needed. students can check their financial aid status by sign in to raiderlink,

Ending words

Here in this article, we have discussed in detail Eraider and raiderlink. Importance of raiderlink TTU campus by providing connectivity to all students, staff, and faculty. How to access service and facilities by using raiderlink.

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