Tresanti adjustable height desk reviews 2020 Feb {latest}

Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk

Finally i am writing tresanti adjustable height desk reviews of the quite popular in demand tresanti desk sit and stand desk .Many people are  looking  for a sit and stand desk .

Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk

If we have a standing desk and if we have standing desk with other features that is a complete package we want. Every time we work on it we feel great and productivity increases this tresanti tech desk has most of all features that we have in our favorite “checklist” this is a great  desk we can find tresanti adjustable height desk amazon. this desk  has Everything, from the design to the adjustments to the features.lets give it a look..

Features of tresanti® sit-to-stand tech desk power height adjustable desk:

Black glass and  Black metal frame within  or White glass and Gray metal frame
Height Settings with 4 programms
USB Charger with 3 ports
LED Touch Control on the Glass

This Costco Tresanti sit stand desk gives us three 2.4 amp USB ports, which allow us to charge three devices at full speed at one time. on this costco sit stand desk USB ports are located on the right side which gives us perfect and  easy access, so that we dont need to search and look around for where is the plug in costco tresanti desk.


With just a touch we can  adjust the tresanti adjustable height desk according to  right height by desktop controls there are Four programmable settings in tresanti sit to stand tech desk which allow more than one user to find comfort zone.






So you can Update your work space with tresanti adjustable height deskcontemporary and  functional adjustable height desk.

Specifications of tresanti adjustable height desk:

Available in Black and White glass top
Easily adjustable  from sit to stand
Height is adjustable from 74.8 cm – 119.3 cm / 29.5 in – 47 in
LED touch control
Three 2.4 amp USB
Cord management
Dimensions: 47.3” W x 25.5” D x 29.5” H
Weight: 84.7 lbs.
Desk TypeComputer
Dimensions – Length47.2 in.
Dimensions: W x D x H47.3 in. x 25.5 in. x 29.5 in.

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Tresanti: $200 Sit and Stand Full Desk

Here are some other sit and stand full desks and their relative costs:

The desk box is heavy because of  the legs of tresanti adjustable height desk and the table top is glass. This desk doesn’t have a keyboard tray. in this costco height adjustable desk you  can adjust the desk to the perfect height of  your elbows according to your comfort for shoulder or arm pains.

The Tresanti sit and stand desk has a minimum height is 29 inches and larget is 46.5 inches.A glass top in this Tresanti sit and stand desk  which means Mousepad  is must or a mouse that works on glass (Logitech MX Master with Darkfield  .legs have plastic protectorsso you can have this  self adhesive felt pads for stability.

Costco Tresanti Standing Desk Review

Perfect for all things

Costco Tresanti desk is a  sit stand desk. and it is a very popular  desk among people who want to work in standing position .One more thing it’s inexpensive and fits into home and office .with any decor it looks nice.

Incredible Design and Build

The desktop with frosted glass finish is  A great feature for most people who like black color and white color  It’s looks  beautiful.The frame with powder coated aluminum looks shiny and amazing . This tresanti adjustable height desk costco has a drawerwith three sections, one is large one and two small.

Final Words about tresanti sit to stand desk

I work from home and needed some variation instead of sitting all day. This desk is beautiful, clean cool gray color with tempered glass top. I use a dry erase marker to write on it to remind of my to-do’s for the day. I am 5’0″ and the 29″ lowest height is fine for sitting which was height of my non standing desk. The best is the drawer that it comes with. This desk is smaller than my old desk yet I feel I have more space now bc all the “stuff” is stored in the drawer. I charge my iPhone and watch inside it so it’s off the table. I zip tie all the wires to the top middle bar under desk for a clean look. I’m doing leg exercises as I write this standing. Love this desk.

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