Textsheet alternatives 2021 (100% Working) – Best Sites Like Textsheet | Why Textsheet not working?

Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students. Textsheet alternatives 2020 (100% Working), Best Sites Like Textsheet. Why is Textsheet not working?

The Textsheet Alternative — Textsheet was very popular among students of the US. Textsheet was an educational portal on which students can get solutions to their assignments, projects, and homework absolutely free. Textsheets has been an exceptional resource to find the solution to their homework-related questions.

Textsheet Alternative: Best Picked Sites  (2020)

Textsheet was a predominant website in providing solutions to complex assignments this website was optimized by students to get information related to their studies.

But now, this website is shut down because content available on this site was not legally it’s own. It was excoriated from various sources as Chegg. The shutdown of textsheet has left students in dilemma for completing their projects and assignments. Students are in dire to a fine alternative of textsheet.

What isTextsheet and Why Textsheet is not working?

This internet platform was providing solutions to query of students regarding their projects and assignments, but the solution provided by the textsheet was based on Chegg.

Due to DMCA copyright infringement asserted by Chegg has enforced textsheet to shut down its website from the internet. The shut down of the textsheet has a significant impact on users of the text sheet.

There are numerous educational websites are available on the internet. After analyzing several determinants abot textsheet, the name of the best substitutes available online is mentioned below. They might not be text sheet but you can seek help in your assignments.

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Textsheet Alternative Educational Sites for Students:

  • CHEGG https://www.chegg.com/
  • STUDYLIB https://studylib.net/
  • SLADER https://www.slader.com/
  • SCHOOL SOLVER https://www.schoolsolver.com/
  • COURSE HERO https://www.coursehero.com/
  • CRAZY FOR STUDY https://www.crazyforstudy.com/
  • PAPER HELP https://www.paperhelp.org/
  • KHAN ACADEMY https://www.khanacademy.org/
  • QUIZLET https://quizlet.com/
  • SPARKNOTES https://www.sparknotes.com/



Chegg is a California based American education company that provides academic content in physical form and online. The popularity of Chegg can be determined by the fact it has more than 3.4 million subscribers. Specialized, student services provided by Chegg are online tutoring, digital and physical textbooks renting test preparation, internship matching, help with homework a great Textsheet alternative.

Students with a limited budget can rent textbooks here up to 50-90% discounted prices. You can seek help for homework in 80 different subjects from Chegg experts. Online tutoring service provided by Chegg is free for 30days trial periods after that you have to subscribe.

So when the textbook is not available Chegg is the best investment for online studies, with the help of Chegg’s expert you can prepare for competitive exams and sell your own old books. The subscription fee is different according to your requirements. Chegg provides its services for ios and android devices



studylib is an excellent substitute for textsheet, apparently, you can feel studylib is a bit complex website but studylib is a significant source of online education, with it has an exceptional and different approach. It provides the facility of saving and downloading documents and if you want to share it with others you can share them.

studylib is a phenomenal source which provides a solution for various subjects science maths arts humanities and Miscellaneous. This site is able to provide exceptional solutions for assignments and projects for high school students. It comes with an inbuilt grammar checker and flashcard explorer.

Flashcard explorer stimulates the acquiring skills of students. Registration is required to access all facilities provided by study lib, this is absolutely free.

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Millions of students are using slader for finding solutions to their queries these answers are submitted by students and other experts. Slader is US-based educational websites Headquartered in NY. Similar to textsheet slader provide you solutions of thousands of textbooks.

For getting a solution, simply you have to type the title of book or scan the barcode on the textbook you will get appropriate solutions. Slader is a remarkable website because it provides solutions for all age group students from middle school, higher school, and college students.

Slader is becoming a commendable substitute for textbooks by providing quality content for studies and assignments. There will be a pop up of minimum advertisement otherwise you can purchase its subscription for $1.99.



School solver is an online platform on which students get a solution for their assignment homework essay. School solver provides you facility of aking questions that will be solved by its experts and a good textsheet alternative.

It is a great alternative for the text sheet because they will provide you solution to your queries for pennies. Any time you need a solution to any question you are good to go.



Course hero provides an exceptional educational database,25 million course-related study material is available here. Here you will get notes, Solution of a practical problem, an explanation of the subject you are studying. It covers a vast dimension of subjects like economics, accounting, history biology literature science psychology.

The quality of content is remarkably exceptional because the content is either submitted by students or experts.24*7homework assistance is the most striking feature of this website which makes coursehero a good alternate of textsheet.

There are two options one is free to access of website you can acquire by uploading your study material on this site, for instant access you have to subscribe it for $9.95 monthly, you can access the website by both device android or ios by course hero app.



Crazy for the study is an online platform  one of the textsheet alternatives websites that provides help in homework, assignments, preparation for exams, an academic search engine that provides access to over 50 million textbooks. Educational services provided by crazy for study help in securing amazing grades because textsheet.com was taken down from internet. I feel A GOOD OPTION OF alternative to Textsheet and Chegg

Major services offered by CFS are for online assistance for assignments, solution of millions of textbooks, question and answer solution services.Online assignments assistance helps students understanding the topic of assignment and submitting it properly, textbook solution service helps in understanding the concept of content precisely.

Question and answer service helps in getting answers to complex questions. You can access all these academic services by pay 3$monthly.

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Peper help is a phenomenal alternative available for textsheet. As the name suggests, it provides professional writing services for completing complicated assignments since 2008. By using paper help, you can save your time.Paper help will facilities services of writing assignments to faculty, PhD student, or high school student.

Paper appreciates your privacy, your details and information are confidential with them furthermore they provide high-quality content to its users.

You can get your research paper at your doorstep quickly written by professionals and experts. For this professional writing service, they charge a fee that is according to your assignment. It starts from 10$ to -24$ per page.


textsheet alternatives

Khan academy is an America based non-profit educational organization. Khan academy is a virtual platform for creating skills to implement things you are studying. Users of this website and app can access content for free .

Developing specialized skills is expensive, but on this website, you can register for free and get access for its all courses. Khan academy is providing content in the form of videos and PowerPoint presentations.

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9. Quizlet


Quizlet is an  alternative to textsheet available now.an American educational platform that helps students for developing learning skills. Quizlet is popular among college and school student, Quizlet has more than 30million active users from 130 different countries of the world and more than 300 million study units .

Its provides content in vast dimension ranging from maths to science, arts to humanity.The main objective of Quizlet is developing learning skills so if you are lacking in concentration, finds the learning process boring for engaging student Quizlet provides information via games tool and interesting videos.

For accelerating learning speed Effective flashcards are also provided by this website. You can subscribe Quizlet plus for 23.88$ and Quizlet go for 11.99 annually. It is used by more than 50 million users.

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Sparks note was primarily known as sparks, this website which was created by Harvard students for help in literature, poetry, history, philosophy later biology chemistry, and other subjects were included. Sparks notes fundamentally deals in English literature and arts one of the best textsheet alternatives.

SparkNotes offers services for the preparation of various Competitive exams like SAT/PSAT, ACT, and AP, which is known as SparkNotes.It provides educational content online as wells as printed form. Students can get better insight and understanding of their subject matter, furthermore, you will be able to get transcriptions of Shakespeare play and other literature’s classics in Morden language.

Sparks notes provide help in a better understanding of classical literature. Sparksnote is a free academic website which runs by advertisements. You can run sparks notes on both devices ios and android by downloading its app.



Courser is a  textbook alternatives global educational portal  founded in April 2012 by Stanford professors that offers various online courses and degrees specialized and professional courses..Coursera has more than 47million active users, Coursera offers more than 5000 courses.

Recourses provided by the course era are very helping full of research papers. Students searching for research material can get a massive collection of databases.

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Coursera is also available for both ios and android devices. To get access to this massive content you have to pay a small amount which is nothing in front of what you are getting in return. It can be a great substitute for a text sheet for writing research papers.

Conclusion on the alternatives to Textsheet:

In this article, we have discussed what is the reason behind the shutdown of textsheet and are other available alternatives to textsheet. If you are a student who needs online expert help with their homework, assignments, and project . These are  textsheet alternatives available options for you. According to my opinion, Chegg, slader, and study lib are the best alternatives to textsheet.

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