Sculpt gel amazon paul mitchell super sculp review

Paul mitchell super sculpt my review

Paul mitchell gel is an amazing product among all sculpting gels. paul mitchell soft sculpting spray gel This styling gel is amazing…. I actually found it in Italy at a friend’s house in Milan. Italians don’t take up every new product that appears in the USA. They wait until something has a reputation, and is tried and true before importing it. Alterna is another USA product I found from a hairdresser who works with movie starts and models in Milan. It works… it’s light, non-greasy, holds hair in a natural way without adding any weight.

Paul mitchell sculpting gel Works great on my curly hair. Add a lot to wet curls, scrunch, and let air dry. Curls are defined. Have been using this for years. Don’t be afraid you are using too much. When it dries it will be a little crunchy, just scrunch you hair up with your hands and it will go away.

Paul mitchell super clean sculpting gel 8.5 fl oz Great stuff. Holds well but feels soft. Doesn’t turn to white powder and flake off like other hair pastes and products do. I can’t for the life of me figure why target stopped carrying this product in the Mitchell line!

Paul mitchell super sculpt my review

Paul mitchell makeup or paul mitchell styling gel and  paul mitchell spray gel are great option for skin sculpting,  body sculpting gelI use the sculpt gel after washing my hair to keep it from frizzing. Then when I use my hot rollers the next morning I put some on my hair and roll as normal for hot rollers.

My style stays longer and holds the curl better too. I usually use the medium hold, but the super sculpt is working out too. The price was better than buying at my hair salon and I had free shipping to my door. scultp, super clean sclpting gel The best lightweight gel for curly hair.

Lightweight to keep from weighing down the curls, but powerful to counteract the frizzies! A light coating will keep the frizz out, even on rainy or humid days. Experiment with your hair to determine the right amount. Crunch lightly as hair starts to dry to loosen the gel look, but maintain frizzless state. Hair will maintain a soft and touchable state all day. We can get this sculpt gel on amazon

there are a few types like soft sculpting spray gel, paul mitchell super clean gel, paul mitchell super clean sculpting gel 16.9 oz, paul mitchell gel products Paul Mitchell has a wide variety of products, each different from the others. All are great for what they’re intended to do. Make sure you’re picking the prouct that is supposed to deliver the desired result and you’ll be happy.

Other then paul mitchell super sculpt 33.8 oz you can also try  sculpting gel for bodyPaul mitchell firm style super clean sculpting gel is a great option for your hairs there are many  amazon paul mitchell hair products you can see like paul mitchell soft spray gel and paul mitchell super clean sculpting gel gallon

I love my paul mitchell hair products!! They have a special drawer at my house because NO ONE else is allowed to use them as paul mitchell super sculp!! Lol no but ive been using paul mitchell for 2 decades now. Yes ive switched up now and then and fell for thie “it” thing. Ive been through fads only to come running back with my tail btwn my legs… this is a must have!! Dont waste time searching around!! Your right where you need to be!!

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