Sauder computer desk for your home office

Best Overall  Sauder computer desk

Sauder is an excellent brand. They have complete matching sets so if you really like a certain desk you can easily find shelves and other complementary items to match so your office will have a cohesive theme. The desk I’m using right now is by Sauder. It has two drawers on the left with three drawer fronts and the same on the right.

sauder computer desk

I really like the Sauder lines of furniture. They make everything from desks to bookshelves to headboards. We had a local dealer who had a great selection of nearly ever piece in the Sauder line. It really was amazing and for a lot less money we could get quality furniture that was more easily moveable.

The chief traits of Sauder Computer Desk that make it the best Heritage Hill Computer Armoire, happens to be the actual high standard Sauder Computer Desk .Sauder is one of the best manufacturers of the armoires. This desk is provided with a lovely cherry finish and the feel it has is really something that is high in quality.If this desk is taken proper care of and given a nice treatment then it certainly would live for quite long. The Sauder Computer desk is constructed out of a refined engineered wood and that too with a well and proper lamination with the finishing of Carolina Oak. As already being talked about its sturdiness, it is the desk that would not move here and there or tumble or even buckle for that matter unless a lot of weight is put on it.

If you’re in the market for a new Sauder computer desk for your home office you’ve got a lot of options available. You need to consider a few things first.

  • Size:

do you want a mamouth desk that holds computer, printer, bookshelves, and extra space for a variety of paper bins? Or do you want something small and neat to fit a tight space?

  • Placement:

Whether you want your desk in the corner, along the wall, or in the middle of the room they all require different types of desks in order to work properly. Some cannot be placed in the middle because the are too unstable to be freestanding. Others would not fit in the corner well.

  • Color and style:

For wood grains you can get every type and color imaginable, and if you’re open to paint then the skies the limit. Features: Do you need a desk with lots of drawers or none? Where will you put the computer tower (if it has one?) Will the keyboard be on top of the desk or underneath it with a keyboard tray?

These are just a few of the factors you must consider. Another important one is whether you want a solid unit that cannot be taken apart, or if you want a piece made by a company like Sauder that you assemble yourself, but which can also be easily taken apart and moved from room to room or house to house.

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Sauder Computer Desk 2019-20 looks

It’s a medium oak finish and sits in the middle of the room. I have it so my chair is facing out toward the room, which allows me to watch the children playing around me.In the middle is a single pencil drawer. My keyboard sits on the top of the desk and there’s plenty of room for my imac as well as a printer, backup drive and a variety of other papers. It’s a great setup. The desk is heavy and was previously in the basement. With our narrow stairs the only way to get it down there and back up again was to take it apart. We can’t do that with some of our other wood furniture so this desk was necessary since we wanted to move it to another room later on. It cost about $180 at the time, compared to several hundred if we’d bought it in a standard furniture store.


The features of the Sauder Computer Desk

  • There is an immense space for storage equipped with a CPU tower. One can locate the separate place for the paper as well as the printer at the bottom.
  • Topmost area is featured with numerous shelves that solve a purpose of storing stuffs like books and papers and pictures.
  • It is a sturdy computer armoire and one will definitely realize it as one puts in all together.
  • One must not make attempts to assemble it by making use of the manual screwdriver as it would anyhow turn out to be a failed attempt. One needs to have a drill in order to rotate the separate pieces in their proper places.
  • Can be purchased for a price much less than estimated seven hundred dollars.
  • Its size is big enough in order to cover and conceal all the devices of the computer that come in its periphery. Be it a monitor, speakers, printer or the computer lodging, the desk can cover it all.
  • There are provisions for the safety of the CPU from the rest of the elements of the computer and that is the safe place called the CPU tower.
  • Added qualities of the desk The best feature about the shelves is that they are adjustable as they allow the person in order to vary the day to day lay out.
  • It has the virtue of an efficient slide-out keyboard plus an area for the storage of mouse, adding to it are its ships that are all time ready to be assembled.
  • It can be easily cleaned using the damp rag else any dust polish. If one wants a particularly condensed Sauder Computer desk then in that case the Abbey Oak laptop armoire seems definitely the best choice for the people having the laptops
  • Made of an engineered wood provided with a good laminate finish.
  • It also has a feature of a drop lid that would be apt for placing the laptop.
  • There is a lot of space in the minor section with well adjustable shelves that may help in customization.



One should also be aware of the fact that this is only to be brought in use to place the laptop not the PC. Thus one can concluded that Sauder Computer Desk is good enough to rely upon as it provides with the best of the products.

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