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Login to USPS Liteblue Epayroll at Employee website. The Official Liteblue.USPS.GOV website provides sign in access to your ePayroll statement, USPS work schedule management & contact human resources departement now.

What is Liteblue?

Liteblue is one of the best online agency l that has been introduced by the government of United States for all USPS employees for getting updated for their all payment information and all other objectives regarding business opportunities. They can access their account by giving unique id number and password by which they will be able to see their personal information including USPS schedules, paycheck, benefits and a lot more.

  • USPS Liteblue Epayroll Login web portal is the employee management website.
  • It is only for the employees of United State Postal Services.
  • The official website can be found at Liteblue.USPS.Gov.
  • The main aim of USPS Liteblue employee website is to help employees accessing products, accessing ePayroll details, and communicate with the human resource department and other employees through the Official website.

By liteblue portal login they can stay connected with the company. this platform is compatible with the other platforms also you can access and go through .If you are a new USPS employee you can login to your liteblue account by following some instructions we are providing you in further article but you have to set up a secure service password because if you want to get entire access you must change your password according to the policy .You can operate this website on the mobile ,the PC or any device you can connect with internet.

LiteBlue gives you a platform by which you can communicate faster .this is proveded service for All USPS employees with all given related to professional front you need like sales and services, products details , brand etc. You can also have access to PostalEASE via LiteBlue

How Liteblue USPS Gov Started?

The Liteblue USPS web portal was startedby the government of united states to manage all postal services in the US. earlier in days the US postal department grew as an organisation and have multiplied the number of employees so to manage all of them was getting difficultThen for the better employee management system they started liteblue USPS login service which is used by the help of technology. Liteblue website has all the information if employees which can be accessd let’s check out how to log in to Liteblue securely.

How to do LiteBlue Login Official Procedure?

If you are searching for liteblue login procedure you are at right place . we will provide you every single detail of liteblue log in. Every USPS employees will have the access to

This helps to provides details to USPS employess for example what is the work status of USPS employee or any kind of career advice.With the correct given user credentials you have you are allowed to login with the set of given instruction .you want to login you have to provide your detail and you can reach to liteblue department and checkout all your work details.

We should be aware that only authorized USPS person can log in to the liteblue portal and access it. If any other activity like illigal person tries to log in the website they have a very strict policy regarding it . let see hoew the liteblue log in procedure works you can Follow the given instructions this is only for authorized employees those who have username and password:

1. First of all open the official LiteBlue USPS employee login page LiteBlue.USPS.Gov.

2. When this page is open in front of you. you can find two field to enter one is the employee ID and second is password.

3.Enter the official employee ID which is your work card number and click sign in. and for starting point you will have to enter that temporary password which is assigned by the administrators .Users can change this password afterwards according to their choice.

It is easy to reset your USPS LITEBLUE password. You need to follow these procedures.

If youhave forgotten your password, you can use this option “forgot your password”. This button will allow you to retrive the password.follow the steps to Reset your liteblue login password

  • 1. Go to the portal website Go to and on home page you will find the option beneath id and password box which is “Forget your password ” click on that link.
  • 2. Enter your EIN[Employee Identification Number] and then they will ask you some security questions.
  • 2. After answering these questions there you will get A link to your registered email id with a notification there that the email has been sent to your registered id.
  • 3. Go to your email id and open the provided link now you can reset your password.
  • 4. After resetting the password, go to the sign-in page enter yor id and new password ,click on the Log in tab.
    LiteBlue.USPS.Gov Login Requirements.


Register at USPS Liteblue Portal

Go to this link


Or Contact 1-877-477-3273 then select five or TDD/TTY – 866-260-7507 for assistance from the USPS Human Resource Shared Service Center when you find challenges.

How to Set Another Language in Liteblue Portal?

If you want to select the language you are familiar with. you can change the language and choose Chinese/Mandarin or Spanish instead of english . To choose any another language, follow these given easy steps

  • 1. LiteBlue.USPS.Gov go there and Log In to your USPS Liteblue account.
  • 2. Now Click the My Profile option and then go to My preferences.
  • 3. Now you can see multiple options you can Scroll the page and select any Language
  • 4. Then choose your preference and the language you understand .Then click Submit.
  • 5. after selecting click save button now whenever The next time you will log in, your language will be changed.

If you are already a USPS employee, you dont have to register on the USPS LiteBlue Portal. You muct have your Lite Blue ID and password. by giving your credential you can easily log in to the LiteBlue login portal.

Every USPS employee has provided a unique username and password. Because of their system security You will not find multiple employee with the same employee ID, but sometimes the password may match but this is a rare situation and doesnt really affects on the registration process.
if you want to check any update your personal information in USPS, you can checkout in your LiteBlue Employee Portal.

What is liteblue USPS Employee ID:

This is a unique set of 8 digit number you can see in your ID card. and if you sont know your Employee ID already. If you can also find this on the top of your salary slip.
What is USPS Password: This is the thing assigned by USPS authorities after updates in USPS LiteBlue password protection on April 28, 2014. These update was issued regarding all USPS services like eIdeas, eOP, eReassign, PostalEase, and LiteBlue.Usps. gov. ,

New to LiteBlue?

If you are a new to USPS services and does not have access to LiteBlue till now , you should not neglect to update your newq password you must create a password. but if you already using Liteblue web portal and If you are a previous user andyou should reset your password and create a new one.

LiteBlue basic questions

What is the requirement of a new password?

For the obvious reason like security to your account and if you want to access online self-service applications here is a rule which started on April 28, 2014, because of USPS employees security.

What will happen if I don’t create a new password?

if you donot create a new password you are not allowed to access other provided online services for example PostalEASE, eOPF, eReassign, and eIDEAS, etc.

How to create a new password?

A new website has been launched specifically to set a new password. You can find the site at Also, you will find a link on the login page of the LiteBlue portal. It’s at the end of the “How to Login” section and says “Click Here”.

What do you mean by Self Service Profile?

Self Service Profile (SSP)is a platform that helps all employees in sign in procedure.

What will happen if you don’t tap the confirmation link within 72 hours?

you will have to go and must follow the given instructions and you will be sent an activation mail. open your email ID ,validate your account by clicking that link and you will get the access to your account.

What will happen if you don’t provide my email address?

If we do not provide the email address they will send all the instructionsto your registration ID. But you should submit your email address for many further reasons of security and flaxibility.


What about SSP password expiry?
Ussually the SSP password never expires. For many reason You can always reset it whenever you forget your password.

Can you use 4-digit USPS PIN?

Yes, during IVR transactions.

What is the meaning of SSP?

SSP means for Self-service profile. It allows USPS employees to access other platforms for example eOPF, PostalEASE, eReassign, eIdeas.

How secure is Liteblue SSP?
liteblue ssp uses HTTPS protocolwhich is bery secure between the client and the server.

Is my SSP PIN still essential?
Yes, by using Interactive Voice Response. PIN will help you access the other services like JOBbidding IVR, PostalEASE IVR, and HRSSC IVR.

How to Find My USPS Employee ID?
by Sign in to eAccess when you click on My Profile there you will find the EIN.

Can anyone access SSP?
No, only current and new employees of USPS
Why is my email address necessary?
For your further facilities like getting pin or change the security questio
What is the USPS Shared Service Center Contact Number?

About United States Postal Service (USPS)
The United States Postal Service is an independent organisation which is used to provide postal services in the United State, regions and States. Approved by the United States Constitution this is a government agency .
which provide a reliable, flaxible and trusted postal service that connect USPS employees to communicate and helps in career advice regarding businesses growth. most of the people in the United States has access to postal products

LiteBlue Help Centre
If you have a doubt about your accont and find your account has been hacked, you must contact the Cyber ​​Security Center
email at [email protected]

Call 1-866-877-7247
The active cybersecurity team is ready to response and helpeven if and if you dont know the cybersecurity contact number they will get in touch with you after getting the email.

USPS Liteblue Login at

We hope that you liked this post about LiteBlue Login which USPS employees . If you still have any doubts about  login you can contact us.

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