10 Sites Like LetMeWatchThis to Watch Movies for Free in 2022

Best 10 Sites Like LetMeWatchThis to Watch Movies for Free in 2021. The updated list of LetMeWatchThis Alternatives & Similar sites include letmewatchthis.cx, letmewatchthis.si, letmewatchthis.fun, letmewatchthis.is, primewire.site, 1channel.biz & so on..

With Covid-19 hitting hard, the one thing that has exponentially gone up the graph is for sure the viewers of online streaming sites. Though the past decade had shown the trends of the tremendous rise in the number of online TV viewers, the year 2020 seems to have broken all records.

Anyway, navigating various streaming sites like Let me watch this you probably have come across some that would give you a platform to watch your favorite movies or top shows (for free per se). Talking of the best of these platforms as Sites like letmewatchthis, we sure cannot miss one such biggy in the list- ‘Let Me Watch This’.

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Eye-catching Features:

  • Wanna download a free movie, Let Me Watch is there- Just click that button dude.
  • Finding or sorting your favorite show seems tedious, Letmewatchthis is there, it has a proper categorization of the shows/movies as per years, genres, etc., and yes the sorting as per the IMDB ratings.
  • Bugs trouble- Let Me Watch is there- their regular updates and quick bug fixes come to the rescue.

Internet is a big world. There is a lot out there for the users. So are there any alternatives or other platforms available that can beat our own Let Me Watch This? If you are looking for that answer here, then it is a big YES.

Why look for alternatives

When it comes to free online content availability, be it movies or TV shows, or anime, there are some legit sites that offer the safe use of free content. Honestly speaking, Letmewatchthis if not bad, then also not a very popular choice amongst the many streaming sites available today.

There are countless websites that claim to provide a high-quality TV/movie experience, but the truth lies in the fact that everything free comes at a big cost. Here comes a high chance the users browsing in the valley of free sites end up to the places which are none but antenna malware and ads.

Nevertheless, there is hope that we still have a limited few exceptions. Letmewatchthis website is one of the sites that give access to the content that has a copyright.

Presently, there are many Letmewatchthis alternative platforms that are free from issues like censorship, and of course that gives you amazing streaming content. Let’s know more about Letmewatchthis alternatives websites like 123 let me watch this.

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Let Me Watch This Alternatives

Let’s know in details the alternatives available for Let Me Watch This:



This is the perfect search engine for video content and illegal copyright content. There are a lot of movies and online streaming content. You will get plenty of leaked new movies to watch. The unofficial video entertainment website gives you a content sharing option. What is even more interesting is that

  • You can easily access the shows of interest for free in this.
  • Videos are categorized in different genres which makes it a good pick.

In spite of the fact it is an illegal site, there are many HD videos available on Vumoo, this is mainly due to the rise in digital media creation.

And if you are looking for apps and devices and operating systems compatible with Vumoo then the list is big. It supports- Mac * Android * Windows *iPhone *Firestick *PC *Windows 7 *Windows 10 making it possible for almost all internet users to have their hands on , let’s not say this, but yes, to all the pirated content.


coke and popcorn

Solar movie is not a new name for movie lovers across the globe. This streaming site provides links to most of the latest movies and TV shows.

  • The user does not need to buy any subscription plan.
  • All the services provided by this platform are available for free.
  • The solar movie is one of the best Let Me watch This alternative popularly identified with its rich movie library.

This site hosts numerous TV shows and a wide range of movies in various genres such as comedy, drama, and action, etc. that will never make you feel monotonous. This website has a whole package for online streaming.



If you can not hassle with ad interferences while watching your favorite movies/shows, then Hulu is so for you. There are no lags on this site which makes it even more watchable. Though you can’t access the content for free here but hitting the free trials allow you to watch some good content with loads of subtitles, for a period of time.

  • Video quality is A1.
  • No ads, No lags make it favorite watchable.

So if you don’t mind spending little for hassle-free streaming, Hulu is a good go.

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If you are looking for fast internet content, then PutLocker is the place where your search ends. What makes it best is its outstanding display which makes it easier for users to make their selection of movies.

This 2011 website gives plenty of streaming entertainment content for free. Not only the TV series but the categorization of top watched movies, old and new movies, popular shows is what makes it worth relying on for your favorite content.

Besides the good quality streaming,

  • It gives you the links to other places online for watching with flexibility.
  • It includes checking the IMDB review to find out which movie you should be looking forward to watching.
  • A movie request or feedback about audio, incorrect or broker videos and links, missing download links, etc may also be sent,and when it is dubbed in your language then who will ever say a you bye to this goody.

Of course, the dubbing is limited to some languages only but that’s what makes it popular among different countries.



Afdah is a web-based online streaming platform that allows the user to watch movies and web series etc. online for free. The user can access this website on laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. Afdah cannot be said as a legit site as there is always a question of its validity regarding the accuracy of its content, its copyright, and the legality of its adult content.

  • It allows you to watch various categories of films, like yearly films, country, movies, movies, language, HD, and music.
  • Films are also classified by action, adventure, animation, comedy, horror, war etc
  • You can sort the categories title, actor, and director as well.
  • Other necessary information about each film like in terms of IMDB score, release date, run time is available on the website.

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Another popular pick of the day is AZ movies. Besides free streaming, it has a lot to offer. The amazing experience of picking your favorite from the ones that just got out of the cinema. Not only restricted to movies, but it also offers free access to a variety of old and new TV show content.

The video quality is specifically good making it stand out to many of its contemporary sites. It fetches a great number of viewers from worldwide and maintains the quality with regular updates.

  • Free streaming.
  • Caters to various viewers by dividing its content into several categories.
  • Downloading at HD quality at the resolution of viewers choice.



Popcornflix is a free movie website that features a number of movies in different genres that you can stream right now without logging into a user account. So you are off the extra hassle of installing the official app of this website.

  • Popcornflix has an amazing feature is that it allows its users to make video gifs in its video player.
  • Another impressive feature that this site provides is an additional service that is specific designed for kids isPopcornflix Kids . and the great thing is that is free.

The great part is where it gives you an insight into all trending and viral videos on the internet. Besides its interface is much more user-friendly and straightforward.


123Movies takes the credit for being the only movie website with online support. Be it requesting about your favorite movie or suggesting a better look of the website or criticizing it on anything legit, users may use the support page and connect to the providers anytime.

  • 123Movies platform isn’t restricted to movies only but it provides a variety of TV shows which could be watched without requiring to sign up.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it much easier to search for desired video content.

Peacock TV

peacock tv

One of the very new streaming platforms Peacock TV for sure is impressing the users with its content library and smooth playback. It provides a wide range of varieties of movies, tv shows, live sports, news programs, and much more to pick from. Taking up a Peacock premium plan allows you to access twice the content that you get with its basic plan which assures a good time of around 7500 hours worth of video content.

  • Free basic plan is ad-supported.
  • The premium version gives accessibility to original series and films.
  • Accessible on Vizio and LG smart TVs, Android TV, Xbox One Playstation 4, Chromecast, and Roku.

Though the Netflix or Hulu streaming sites are better than Peacock, its huge library of free movies and shows can’t be overlooked.

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SnagFilms is another free on-demand streaming TV that gives you a huge collection of more than 2000 movies, TV episodes, and documentaries. Access it on phone or tablet or any streaming device or on the web, SnagFilms let you access its content invariably.
The users need not have to sign up in order to view its content, simply visiting the website or downloading the app does the job.

  • Go if looking for a movie or show or a documentary with a cause.
  • Downloading app help you view downloaded content offline.
  • Allows you to stop and restart content at the same spot in case of any glitch or changing device.
  • No mailing address or credit card information to sign up.

The content of SnagFilms is a bit thin as compared to the other platforms as its highlighted part is the healthy documentary content which is not much the way of mainstream movies or TV.


There are many sites out there that give a tough competition to Let Me Watch This. Now that you have the list listing the good side, the bad parts, you may relax and pick the best one that suits your purpose the best.

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