Ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration [2022 solved] | Local area connection | Windows 10 2021

Check what is  ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration and Error called wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, Also about solution of ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration windows 10, 

Ethernet refers to LAN(local area network ) and WAN(wide area network), so we can say that it is a conventional Process of connecting your device to the network, establishes communication through(Internet protocols) formal rules and regulations. This technology establishes a connection between the network providers and receivers via optical cables and wireless connection also. 

Solved: Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Windows 10

Unidentified Network or “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” When you receive this sentence on your computer screen while trying to connect with the internet.


Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

It refers to that your system is unable to find an authentic internet protocol address. there are several factors that affect this such an outdated receivers, faulty modem, and routers IP address refers to the identification of a particular computer or network that will enable communication via internet protocol. You can refer to it as the address of a particular computer which tells us about the location. The allocated no. to a particular computer or network is IP address. An IP address is a basic requirement for connecting any device to the network.

Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) server establishes communication between two or more devices by allocating them an IP address. When we try to connect our system to the internet DHCP automatically allocates it an ip address and other required details, your computer assesses these details and connects to the network. When these configuration details are unable to reach your system or computer this error occurs. Because of this error, your system couldn’t connect to the network.

This error can be simply solved by you following a few steps. There are few methods given blow I hope by following instructions you will be able to solve this problem.

1.Reboot the computer or laptop

Rebooting your computer is the most fundamental elucidation of the problem to correct the Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”. Before rebooting your system you should safe your files and disconnect all devices such as router-modem etc. You should follow the step given below.

1. Pressing the window and s key it will open a list, click on the control panel.

2. There will be an option available, choose the power option, and click on it.

3. By clicking on the power button, a small window will open, here on the left side select “what power button does”.

4. It will open a small window of system setting here click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.

5. Here fast startup setting will be selected, you have to unflag it. and save the change done by you.

6. For confirmation, all setting are properly implemented restart your system.

2.Reactivating IP configuration

Sometime after the rebooting the system sill the error “Earthnet doesn’t have valid ip configuration exists we can try to solve it by Reactivating Internet protocol setting. Because via IP address system connects to the network. By following the instructions below, you can reactivate IP configuration,

1. RUN prompt can be opened by pressing the windows key and R key at the same moment on your keyboard.

2. It will open run prompt dialog box here type “cmd” and hit on “Enter “.

3. For proceeding further type three command in the dialog box one by one, each command will be followed by enter.

4. IPconfig /release ENTER

5. IPconfig /flushdns ENTER

6. IPconfig /renew ENTER

7. To check the status of the error please reboot your system.

3. Restore ethernet Adaptor driver

Ethernet driver establishes communication between the software and hardware of any system and network. A client would be able to assess the internet on his system via drivers, “Ethernet doesn’t have valid ip configuration still not solved you should try to restore the setup of drivers.

> TO open the RUN panel please press the window key and R key on your keyboard together.

> It will open a dialog panel with their type devmgmt.msc followed by entering

> GO to the Network Adaptor in the device manager.

> It will open a list of network adapter select which network adapter, to uninstall the network adaptor right-click on it. click on option uninstall device.

> By hitting on uninstall device you are allowing it to uninstall automatically.

> Reboot your system to verify id error is solved or not.

4.Installation of driver adaptor

Later when you will access your system it will automatically set up in your computer and if not that you can manually install the driver in your system

> Go to device manager

> Hit on action

> This will start the scanning process for any modification in hardware

> After scanning the network driver adaption will be automatically downloaded on your system.

> If you have pc, you must get disks for installing drivers, you can download drivers by them too

> You can go to the official website of the maker and download the driver from there.

> You can also download the driver by motherboard number. Jut google it and download from makers official website

5.Reactivating IP address and DNS(domain name system) NIC setting

When automatic reactivation of IP address configuration is failed to solve the error you can try to correct it by reactivating yourself. The reactivating IP address process I have given below

> First step is to open Run prompt by pressing window s button and R on keyboard.

> After pressing both keys simultaneously, a dialogue box will open , “Ncpa.cpl” type here followed by enter.

> Now a window will open named network management window, Go to your network connection and right click on it will open a list of options, click on properties.

> Choose internet protocol version 4(TCO /IP4) under network connection properties.

> Put your ip address in “Use the following ip address”. Always use proper information about IP address .

> After that let reactivate DNS settings

> Here I also an option named “Use the following DNS server settings” plz click on it

> And enter the DN Server IP address you have obtained by your ISP.

> For saving modifications done by you hit on apply followed by ok to confirmation of closing the open window.

> Reboot your system to check the status of the error, if it Is solved or not.


DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) automatic system which identifies allocated network configuration setting on your pc. Sometimes we don’t know that it is not permitted to obtain allocated network configuration. By permitting dhcp sometime this error can be rectified. The steps are given below.

> To open run prompt, windows key and R key on the keyboard press them at the same moment

> A dialogue window will open, write “services. MSc” followed by “Enter. Or click on OK

> A new dialogue box will open here double hit on DHCP client.

> Select automatic from the dropdown box after clicking on startup type.

> Hit on the start option.

> DHCP CLIENT followed by right click after coming back.

> Choose restart service for confirming hit on yes.

> Restart your system to check either error is resolved or still exists.

7.Reboot Router of your system

Sometimes minor issues are the reason behind major problems. This is a very minor thing that can cause a major errors. It might be possible that by rebooting your router, the error “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” can be solved. Your systems faults can be resolved by jut turning off all devices connected to your system such a modem, routers etc. There is a probability some time your system required a new modem or router, even after replacing them that error remains then you should check your network card.

8.Quality of service off on router

There is an option for a stable network connection experience for the router, it may also affect IP address configuration process. Sometimes by turning it off this error might get solved. cards

Windows10 I upgraded version, old card some time doesn’t support windows 10.You can check if your card is suitable with your windows


> Go to driver installer

> Select properties by right-clicking on driver installer

> There will be an option named compatibly click on it

> Reboot your system to verify if the problem is solved or not.

11.The direct connection between system and modem

A directly connecting system with a modem can correct this error. Sometimes faulty router results in connectivity problems.

12. Update all your firmware.

Firmware is a program that enables system connected hardware to function to solve connectivity error we should try to update the firmware to its latest version of all devices.

13.Disable your antivirus software

Antivirus software is third party software in a few cases they might be a cause of connectivity issue, we can find out by disabling it. if disabling antivirus corrects the error,it refers that antivirus was holding the device from obtaining IP address

> Go to system tray and find out antivirus and right-click on it.

> There will be an option to uninstall antivirus.

> After completing the uninstallation process please restart your pc to check the status of the error.

14.Replacing old cable

There might be an issue regarding cable which is connecting the router to your system .for For once by replacing old cable can also solve this error.

15.Performing a Check disc Scan

The contaminated hard disk might be resulting in error “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP ensure that disk is functioning properly or not we should check it performing disc check follow the steps given below.

1. Together press windows key and R key of your keyboard

2. A dialogue box will open type “cmd” followed by enter

3. Type “chkdisk c :/f” followed by enter

4. For confirming dis check press y

5. It will provide result, that hard dis is contaminated or not.

Update your BIOS

Imply by updating bios might correct your system error. Some times inbuilt adaptor might not be harmonious with the router, you are required to update BIOS for support. This is a complex process so be cautious before updating BIOS.

Use a different socket for the powerline adapter  

Powerline adapters are very commonly used to generate networks locally. Prefer to use a different socket for the powerline adapter. Since some powerline adapter customer complains about that Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error. 

Make sure that if you are using more than one power line adaptor than synchronize them one after another.

16.Deactivating IPv6 Using system settings 

If you are facing Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error it is possible by disabling IPV 6, you can correct the error. It has been experienced by the various client that deactivating IPV 6 Have corrected the error. For deactivating IPV6. 

  1. Go to system tray and right-click in network icon click on open network sharing center. 

2. There will be an option named change adapter settings on the left side hit on it. 

3. Go to network connection followed by right click on it, a list will open choose properties

4. A dialogue box will open and there will be list of options, pinpoint internet protocol version 6(TCP/IP) and unflag it.

By following the instruction given above you have successfully deactivated IPV 6. For checking the status of the error reboot your system. 

Deactivating  IPv6 through the Registry Editor 

Occasionally implementation of deactivating IPV6 VIC system settings fails, If it fails via system settings we can try to deactivating it vai registry editor. Follow the steps given below deactivating IPV6. 

1. Press Windows key and “R” key simultaneously on your keyboard.a dialogue panel will open type regedit followed by enter.

2. when the registry editor window will open locate 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TcpIP6\Parameters on let side .by clicking on blank place right side of the window a lit will open pleas chooseDWORD(32 bit) value under new.

3. a small dialogue box will open type disable components here .you can open its properties by double-clicking on disable the component. Here enter the value data ffffffff and hit on OK. 

This process will help you to deactivate IPV6 completely. You can finish this process by rebooting your system. 

Activation of ipv6 

1. Follow the basic process thill selecting dword under new after that remove disable components  from your registry

2. there is a tool created by Microsoft is available you can download it and read and obey instructions. 

Make adjustments to your registry

occasionally modifying the registry editor might help you to solve the error. Registry can be modified by following the instructions given below step by step.

     1. Press the Windows key and “R” key simultaneously on your keyboard.a dialogue panel will open type regedit followed by enter.

2. This will open the registry editor window go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\Control\Nsi. at the left side of the window.

3. Here on the left side click on nsi it will be expatriate there will be a number of options expand 1st option .there will be several sub-options under it, find 26 suboptions,select permission by right-clicking on it.

4. It will open the dialogue box, go to allow mark full control under it.If make sure modification is implemented successfully click on apply and then ok to save the change.

don’t forget to reboot your system.  


When you are facing troubles in correcting error Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration you can try all these methods mentioned in this article to get instant solutions to your problem. mostly methods are simp and uncomplicated,If you find any method complicated, we will suggest you ask a computer tech expert.





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