Dowinx Gaming Chair Review With all features 2022

Dowinx Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Recliner for Computer with Massage Lumbar Support, Racing Style Armchair PU Leather E-Sports Gamer Chairs with Retractable Footrest (Black)

Dowinx Gaming Chair With Massage Lumbar Support Review November 2020

Hello guys this is the best time to write an honest review about dowinx gaming chair. I am using this gaming chair for obviously gaming. In my studio, I also love to edit videos. So it is going to be my office chair or gaming chair all in one. Because I am using this for multipurpose and I got to share an honest review about this dowinx gaming chair.


dowinx gaming chair
dowinx gaming chair

Actually, I was searching for an office chair. That was my  primary purpose to buy a new chair then I see this dowinx gaming chair and thought to buy this one because I have seen very positive reviews about dowinx gaming chair.

In the previous chair, I was using that breeze really well but my back was getting sore just after sitting regular 15 mins. Now, this dowinx gaming chair is a gaming chair but also has a rocking feature like sides and footrest and a Cushing feel, lumbar pillow. I am also revealing the full assembling also that how I assembled dowinx gaming chair.

When I opened my amazon parcel I could see a back cushion with red stitching Then I opened it further and I can see the lumber support USB part messager and also straps attach with a chair which comes along with dowinx gaming chair. There is the lumbar support that comes with symbols and embeds that look really nice. one thing I really liked about
carbon fiber made is really stylish and looks great.

I could also see the cushion part for the back. the stitching of dowinx gaming chair also comes with very nice finishing and looks really nice. I could see one another thing I really like about this after comparing to other chairs is the frame of the chair back is constructed in metal chair is made of plastic but the back frame is made of metal.

This chair comes with downix cord and user guide the footrest of dowinx gaming chair is amazing and also comes with 2 armrests we have a neck and head pillow and buttpad.

Dowinx Gaming Chair

It is fairly simple to assemble no longer than 30 mins. and It is easy to put the parts all together. The maximum load of this chair is 360 pounds. Ok after I assembled this chair I was quite excited to use this

We can push this chair back and then we can feel this recliner feel it’s firm it’s cushy. It has a nice armrest and the whole seat base is wide and pretty nice we can extend the footrest and recliner. I like it even I want to see my tv you can actually use USB part massage lumbar support with the help of powerbank when I see use lumber massage it is like vibration going on which is really a cool feature.

Material: Faux Leather
Color Black or grey
Brand Dowinx
Maximum Weight 350 pound

About dowinx gaming chair

New Design:

Dowinx gaming chair comes with armrest and USB cable power supply massager that you can use by a USB port on a computer or any power switch or even power bank. This is especially designed for the people who sit for a long time on dowinx gaming chair.

Dowinx Gaming Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner with Massage Lumbar Support, Office Armchair for Computer PU Leather E-Sports Gamer Chairs with Retractable Footrest (Black&Orange)


Features of dowinx gaming chair

  • 360° swivel and smooth racing caster wheels
  • 90°-180° reclining for working, gaming, reading or napping
  • 20° controllable rocking and retractable footrest for relaxing
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 350 lbs capacity
  • head pillow and lumbar pillow for all body shapes.
  • High-quality PU leather.
  • Footrest padding design.
  • Maximum weight capacity:300 lbs.
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion included.
  • The Extra interesting feature:
  • This chair can be used for BOTH GAMER AND OFFICE WORKER.
  • Comes with winged back this dowinx gaming chair supports your spine and lumbar with ergonomic back and massage support.
  • Comes with Full-length Backrest Recline.
  • All you can relax for a computer, PC, laptop, with high back design with ergonomic support.


  1. The chair is very comfortable compared to the other chairs because The seat cushion is not too soft but also not rock hard. The lumbar and neck pillow helps a lot as you sit back. With the wide range of mobility for the backrest, it can really help with your posture.
  2. The footrest is an additional feature
  3. Qualitywise- It’s a pretty solid chair, as long as you properly tighten the bolts down and whatnot
  4. The cushion is soft and cozy, the overall design is very trendy and “gaming” and Can be easily turned into a mini-bed
  5. There is a small pillow on the back for a massage, great bonus, it keeps my back from any sore after an extended period of sitting
  6. Installation is very noob friendly and only took me 20~25 mins, no hassle at all. The fabric of the cushion feels high quality


So guys you can buy this dowinx gaming chair on amazon I am really liking this I can use it for gaming editing music photos this is an all-purpose office and gaming chair.

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