Best CouchTuner Alternatives 2021

Working all day hard sure does require a break where you just feel like doing nothing but lying down on your couch, munch on your favorite snack, and stream online. While the pandemic did block all our ways to go out of the house and run around, it sure gave every couch potato a blissful time to just binge-watch all day long that too without inviting any harsh comments from their mom like how she would always push you to go out and play around or meet new people.

Interestingly online TV has become a great choice among the populace who wish to have a great time watching their favorite TV shows without spending a buck and also as per their time convenience.

CouchTuner has always been the popular choice of binge-watchers because of the diversified content it offers absolutely free of cost. The reason being it’s not hosting the content on its own server but merely providing an easy interface to connect to the content provided by third-party servers.

This platform provides everything from the old shows to the latest shows and allows you to watch it on any media player available in your system or phones. The quick access to your favorite shows just at a click of a button saves you from the hassle of wasting time on all user registrations or account making.

The free sites always come with a threat to exposing your user information or system security to a third party. However, streaming these sites using a VPN could help you with ad malware or virus attacks. CouchTuner is down in some regions for allegedly giving access to the copyright data of course and that for sure can’t stop our readers from exploring the streaming options available. And for the same here I have listed some of the popular streaming sites that are if not better then also not less popular choices of CouchTuner.

Best alternatives Sites For Couch Tuner 2021

Daily TV Fix

Daily TV Fix is sure a very great alternative to CouchTuner. This streaming site has it all for the lovers of movies and the TV shows crazies. When it comes to the convenience that it provides with its easy search filters, it doesn’t disappoint. What you need is to type only the name of your favorite show and Daily TV Fix fixes your cravings and desire to enjoy your favorite watch.

This streaming site also updates its page regularly which does not let you miss on the updates on the latest movies or shows. The great part is its active forum and a support desk where viewers can connect or socialize discussing their favorite watches and also can request for the shows.

Global TV

Global TV is all global in a sense of its wide array of TV shows and live channels services it delivers. This makes it another popular pick of CouchTuner alternatives. The interface is very user-friendly and its properly categorized show sections make streaming on this site very handy.

What you all need is to create your account and sign in once. It’s 90 days valid sign-in feature activates for the next 90 days automatically each time you open its TV app. Another interesting feature is its free access to local and national news streaming.

So even when you do not know what you want to watch Global TV fascinates you with a great many numbers of options as original hit series, popular TV shows, and yea also a streaming news option.


Putlocker is my favorite pick when it comes to online streaming. The reason being its diversified content that suits streamers the best as per their mood. Ranging from the blockbusters to the TV shows; from the old classics to the new releases; from the top watched shows to the trendsetters, it does have everything.

The neat display of the content on the site is a highlight that makes browsing a stress-free experience. Moreover, it does provide you with links to other reliable places online so that you may watch it with flexibility in your favorite picks.

Moreover, the dubbed content on the site gets you to enjoy the popular shows of other languages too. Though the dubbed content is limited who says no to any goody or the fun that your favorite platform has categorized for you.



Series9 is a whole package of Online streaming site. It has a massive collection of TV shows and movies, be it classics or new releases. The best part is its No POP-UP Ads feature which makes the fun go uninterrupted and undisturbed.
The site also doesn’t ask for your credentials to register, you may simply go on the website and select your choice from its neatly organized webpage at just a click.

Though there are many other movie platforms available when its about a free HD quality experience at zero price, Series9 claims to be the best. Also, the request section on their homepage gives you a chance to request the shows you wish to be added to the site.

New Episodes

If you wish to catch up with all the new and latest episodes then New Episodes is your platform. This website offers all the new episodes to its viewers just after a short while of they have gone off the air. The design of the website is easy to browse and displays the search results of the new content in alphabetic order.

The page has a listing of all the new shows and the episodes of the current week that cut short the viewer’s time of searching about the new shows on the site. Moreover its active forum section, just like some other popular streaming sites, allows you to review your experience and also recommend the shows to the other streamers. The desk also helps with queries and requests on the desired shows or episodes.


Yet another popular pick of the day is Xfinity. The detailing of the website makes it interesting to stream. With the attractive interface, no user registration requirement, no annoying uncountable pop-up ads, quality content of around more than 20 genres, Xfinity has it all. It is an infinite source of entertainment to all binge-watchers. Streaming on this platform feels like home.
You can’t miss out on the separate section it has for all the mu

sic lovers where they get all the news of the happenings of the music world which is updated regularly. So if you are looking for either having alone time to pamper yourself with romantic drama or family time to have fun together Xfinity serves best to all your purposes. The video quality is great which adds another plus point to its account


If the viewers are looking for the absolute new releases, then LookMovies is the platform for them and if you are lucky you may chance upon the movies even before they’re released. The site is infamously popular for its leaked content of the new shows and so is in the eyes of the legal content providers.

The HD quality however does not match with its other popular contemporary streaming sites, but it could be ignored in the light of the great and huge new content that it makes accessible to its site that too at absolutely free of cost.
Obviously for Piracy reasons these websites seem to have always been in news.

But at the same time as the viewers are very aware of the illegal and copyright content these streaming sites provide, they keep an option open to keep their system secure from malware ads and virus attacks by installing a good quality anti-virus or stream using VPNs.

Prime Wire


If you still have not found what you are looking for, then Prime Wire is yet another steaming option available to pacify your entertainment needs. The gigantic collection of movies on its database that too absolutely free of cost makes it everyone’s favorite.

Besides the numerous movies this station holds, it is a storehouse of a collection of online series and offline TV show episodes.

The streaming quality is much better than its other contemporaries and moreover, the shows are available in multiple resolutions that the viewers may switch to as per their data plans. And if you get to enjoy all this without even registering to a site, then who would say no to such a goodie.


Convenient navigation, meticulously organized content page, hot streaming shows slider, clear direction to your favorite picks, what more a great web page can offer. OnDareWatch is yet another popular pick among the streamers today.

The online streaming here offers you a different kind of experience with its compilation of countless shows.
Right from the all-time favorite classics to the latest episodes of the TV shows, the site grasps the attention of the lovers of all the different genres. Besides its free streaming facility, the quality in terms of the content and the resolution it provides is unmatchable.


Last but not least in my today’s pick for online streaming is Crave. Crave is by far the best alternative for all those cravings for the ultimate experience of streaming the best HD quality content.

The extensive collection of popular shows here ranging all genres is an eye-catching feature. Moreover, the site releases the latest content or the episodes without much gap with the actual release. So if you are the one who can’t wait to stream online for the fresh release content, stick to the Crave.

The streaming becomes a hassle-free experience if is used with VPNs or a good anti-virus installed in your system which protects it from all the outer threats of ad malware or viruses that sneak in your system while you are at free plans.


Now that the Couch Tuner has a number of alternatives available, the streamers may pick the one that suits their choice. Having learned about the best these sites offer and also the loopholes with them, the streamers may perceive their pick corresponding to the features they are looking for.

So scan the pros and cons of the filtered picks above and enjoy streaming online with the best that goes with you and yea do not forget to share which one got your heart.

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