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Content:// A Simple Guide To set default homepage

This is a code or link “content://”which allows Internet browser to set a homepage. This doesn’t matter whether you’re using Google Chrome opera or any other browser in mobile or any chrome tablet, You will always need to set up the default Internet browser and homepage also .“content://”  is used to Set default Homepage Browser.
Almost all of us are now addicted to internet and use our mobile devices to surf the internet to daily basis online tasks. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you by giving solution step by step to set the homepage on your Internet browser and by using Content:// you can set the default browser like Google Chrome by going chrome apps page, opera ,Mozzila, DuckDuckGo etc.

What is Content:// A Simple Guide To set default homepage

Whenever you will click any hyperlink on your mobile it will open in default browser. So if we use different browsers, it is compulsory to set a default one. Otherwise, every time you ll tap on a hyperlink. Firstly we have to set a default internet browser app in mobile then the next thing is to set a home page.Content// is used mainly to set homepage we open in android browser homepage

How to set up android default browser

This guide is very useful and works for almost all Android devices It could be mobile or tablet we can set the default Internet browser, for this process content:// is being updated. Through our visual actions, we use this string to update and set the Internet browser that will be used as default on our Android phone. The question is what is the default android browser .This string remains common among all Android version for browser:home. So, even if you’re having an old Android phone, you can still perform these actions.
Now, Here comes our easy step by step tutorial. Keep the following instructions in mind while setting the default browser on your Android phone.There is the possibility that the Settings menu on your phone might be different. But you can manage to find them easily. this is fully our choice if we want to make chrome default browser android or safari browser for android. we will keep updating you about android browser hijack.

How to Set Google Chrome or any other browser as default on your Android phone[ content:// ]

  • You have to Open the Settings on your phone first .
  • Then Tap on the Apps Search for default apps.
  • Now Tap on the Default apps.
  • Search for the Internet Browser.
  • Then Here you can select Google Chrome from the list or any otherOption you want to set.
  • After this process , exit the menu.


That’s it, You can easily set the Google Chrome as your default Internet browser on your Android phone. Same process you can repeat for setting up any other browser on your mobile. So,one step is completed. Now we have to set a default homepage on the Default Internet browser . You can also search for


Most of the browser uses The Google search as default home page and if you want to change that like bing or any other search engine ? its easy guys…keep reading. All web browsers allow users to customize the default home page. No matter If we want this process to be done in Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox etc. we have our own choice we change our search engine could in mobile instead of Google, we can choose Bing, Yahoo or other search engines. According to me Google is great but everyone has different choice and opinion

Check How to set a homepage on Internet browser [ content:// ]

  • Firstly Open the Internet browser that you use.
  • You have to tap on the three-dot menu.
  • Then, tap on Settings.
  • Now, search for the General Settings.
  • Now you can see ‘Set Homepage’ option.
  • Tap on it and enter the URL that you want to set as the Homepage.
  • Exit the Settings.

Web Browser List


1x — Science Traveller International
Air Mosaic — Sprynet
AllWorld Explorer — G.O. International Air Service
Amaya — W3C
Arachne — xChaos
ArcWeb — Stewart Brodie
Ariadna — Advanced Multimedia System Design
AtomNet — Change 7
AWeb — AmiTrix
Beonex — Ben Bucksch
Bobby — Center for Applied Special Technology
Bohemian Net Browser — BohemianNet
BrownIE — Compunet
Browse2000 — 1st Choice Software
CAB — Alexander Clauss
Cello — Thomas Bruce
Charlie — Mundial Avenue
ChiBrow — KCS & Associates
Chimera — University of Nevada Las Vegas
Contiki — Adam Dunkels
Custom Browser — LION
Cyberdog — Apple Computer, inc.
CyberGate — BlackSun Interactive
Cyber Passage — Sony
DigiCams — DigiBand
DOSLynx — University of Kansas
DR-WebSpyder — Caldera
ELinks — Mikulas Patocka, the ELinks team
Emacs-W3 — William M. Perry
Emissary — Attachmate
Flock — Flock
FreeWebBrowser — Yellow Tree Services
Galahad — Jean van Waterschoot
goAnywhere! — Mikey LeBeau
Grail — Corporation for National Research Initiatives
GrassHopper MDI Explorer — Santrim Software
HandWeb — Smartcode Software
HexaBit Junior — HexaBit
Home Page Reader — IBM
HotJava — Sun Microsystems
I-comm — Talent Communications
I-O-D-4 – The Web Stalker — Escape
I-View — EnReach Technology
iBrowse — Omnipresence International
iCab — Alexander Clauss & iCab Company
Internet Explorer — Microsoft, Inc.
Internet Explorer — Sprynet
Internet Plus — Dean Software Design
Internet WorkHorse — MarketNet
K-Meleon —
Kagetaga —
KidNet Explorer — Resource Communications
KidSafe Explorer — Arlington Technology
LIS Web Browser — Lahman Internet Services
Links — Mikulas Patocka
Lynx — Distributed Computing Group
MacLynx — Olivier Gutknecht
MacWeb — TradeWave (EINet)
MacWWW (Samba) — CERN

MathBrowser — MathSoft
Microviet First Explorer — Microviet
Minuet — University of Minnesota
Mosaic — National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Mosaic (QuarterDeck) — QuarterDeck
Mosaic (SpryNet) — SpryNet
Mosaic (Spyglass) — Spyglass
Mozilla, incl. Firefox — The Mozilla Foundation
Multilingual Mosaic — Accent Software
MultiWeb Viewer — MultiSource
MyBrowser — Softorange
Navigator — Netscape Communications Corporation
NCompass — ExCITE
NeoPlanet — NeoPlanet
Net-Tamer — Net-Tamer
NetCaptor — Stilesoft
NetCruiser — Netcom
NetForKids — WebData Communications
Net [email protected] — Virtual Innovations
Netomat — Maciej Wisniewski
NetPositive — Be, Inc.
NetSentry — Natdat
NetShark — InterCon
NetShift — NetShift Software
Nuthin’ But Net — PAKSoft Productions
Off By One — Home Page Software
OmniWeb — OmniGroup
Opera — Opera Software
PowerBrowser — Oracle
ProStream Browser — PS Group
Proxiweb — ProxyNet, Inc.
pwWebSpeak Plus — The Productivity Works
Pythia — Appian Interactive
QuickScape — Quickscape
Safari — Apple Computer, Inc.
Santa’s Browser — Branded Browser Technologies
SimulBrowse — Seaglass Software
SiteKiosk — ProVisio GmbH
SlipKnot — MicroMind
Softerm Plus — Softronics
SuperHighway Browser — Frontier Technologies
Surfin’ Annette — SpyCatcher
SurfMonkey — MediaLive
Talking Browser — WeMedia
Talva Document Explorer — Talva
Tango Multilingual — Alis Technologies
The Other Browser-Emailer — Pixelogic
UdiWWW — Bernd Richter
Video On Line Browser — Video On Line
Voyager — VaporWare
WannaBe — David T. Pierson
Web-O-Matic Digital Browser — Circle Group Internet, Inc.
Web SurfACE — ToolPool
Web-Talkit — Grover Industries
WebExplorer — IBM
WebProwler — MacroByte
WebRacer — Software Savvy
Websurfer — NetManage
WebTV Viewer — WebTV Networks
WebView — South Pacific Information Services
WebWhacker — Blue Squirrel
Wildcat Navigator — Harmony International
WinWEB — TradeWave (EINet)
WorldWideWeb (Nexus) — Tim Berners-Lee

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This process is called programming you must have knowledge about computer programming language like java ,html etc and also access web app.
How to make chrome download faster, speed up chrome downloads
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Chrome is installed in apk files. you can see in manage applications.


This is how one can set the chrome homepage android  on Android Internet browsers. For Google Chrome, you might need to open the Search Engines menu to set a default page.There are so many web browsers on the internet available free on play store that you can download and enjoy In your phone you can also enjoy best pokemon fan games. So, use content:// improve your productivity and to make browsing according to your need.

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