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So you have a new office space or you are considering office remodeling? When it comes to desks there are many colors and types to choose from. Most people go with either a classic dark wood desk or a modern glass desk. But think again, because both of those have their disadvantages when compared to a minimal white desk. Here are some disadvantages of choosing any other type of desk that just isn’t white.


If you go with a wooden desk, it will have to be a neutral tone wood and it will most likely have lots of texture. If it has texture, it will cost more than most white desks. There are so many colors that can stain a wooden desk. Also, even though many say that you can paint a desk white, it isn’t recommended because the paint will start to chip very quickly if it’s not applied properly.

When it comes to anything that’s wooden, you have to take special care of the wood itself. This means that wood has to be treated with a wood polish and cleaner every two weeks to once a month. Without this treatment, your desk will start to stain. This is not true for white desks. Depending on the material used to build the desk, you can clean it with any multipurpose cleaner which can save you a lot of money and a much faster cleaning time. That’s assuming of course that it’s not wooden.

A glass desk requires a ton of cleaning. Because it is glass, it is expected to shine and look clean at all times. This means that you will most likely have to clean your desk daily to keep it looking clean and nice. With a painted desk, you are not required to do this, unless if you desire to. A glass desk and a white desk both stain easily, however, with the white one, it is normally easier to remove the stains because it’s made out of material that is treated for easy cleaning.

Unlike with glass where you may have to work hard to remove a stubborn stain. When it comes to choosing the right desk for your office, a white desk is both a realistic and an affordable choice. Both wooden desks and glass desks are more expensive than their white counterparts. Just because every office magazine shows a dark wood or a glass desk as the main focus, it doesn’t mean you have to follow their lead. Be unique by going white instead and also save money and time in the long run!

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White Desk | A Simple Touch of Elegance White Desk | A Simple Touch of Elegance

White Computer Desk White Computer Desk As much shape and style of furniture can play a key role in making a room look contemporary and chic, they are quite often expensive. To give a room a touch of sophistication with edge, simple white furniture can add a sense of Zen along with a brush of modernity. White furnishing can make a room look brighter and bigger. This is very essential for studies and private offices as well lit rooms are ideal places for one to focus on work. A simple white desk in a study or an elegant handcrafted white desk for the home office can add class to the room as well as utilize the simplicity of the color white on a whole new level. White is the only color that does not soak up light but reflects it. That’s why a room with white furnishing instantly looks bigger to the eyes as opposed to other colors.

A white desk would be the main object of a study. If it is white, it not only dictates elegance, but it is also incredibly soothing to the eyes. Having a white desk in a study can generate a relaxed vibe as opposed to other overpowering and intense furniture. The light that gets reflected from the white desk also ensures a well lit area which does not create any pressure on the vision. Overall it creates a very gentle and soothing environment. Adding a little color that does not overpower the all over white can highlight the desk without making it seems too dull. Pink or Lilac highlights are perfect for girls that brings out a very sweet charm where a few touch of electric green or royal blue can make a boys desk seem more mature than juvenile. For more mature taste or a home office, choosing a different shade of white that gives out an antique vibe can really make simple white desks look sophisticated. A little hand curved designs and a rustic varnish may just make a simple desk look enchanting.

Simple desks can cost from $300 to $2000, depending on the quality of the wood, and the finishing.Hillsdale Wilshire Desk is available in a rustic shade of white and is available at around $600. Lea Jessica McClintock Romance collection has a variety of beautiful and elegant student’s desk in white that ranges from $700 and onwards and is suitable for adolescent girls. Christopher Lowell Shore provides a range of executive desk with wide open desk tops in white and is available for around $500.

Maintaining white furniture is tough as they tend to get dirty faster. A light dap of vinegar on cotton cloth can wipe off any sort of dirt or stain. And it is very important to use a furniture polish conditioner every once in a while.

The Amazing White Computer Desk

White Computer Desk White Computer Desk White desks are brilliant for any office setting. Whether you run a home based office or hold a commercial office elsewhere, a white computer desk is a must-have piece of furniture to raise the visual apparel of your office a notch higher. Some may want a white desk for the added visual apparel, others may want it because white is their favorite color, if you are white then you will be inclined towards getting a white computer desk (obviously just kidding here), but one thing stands, these desks are brilliant office furniture.

Confining this article to the office setting is a sad thing and the article will strive to explore all areas where you might encounter a white computer desk, and trust me when I say that they are countless. Charity begins at home, so they say, so does this article. Having a white kitchen desk is a plus to your kitchen décor. You will attract many dinner gatherings you will want to throw it out side. Compliment it with matching kitchen chairs and you will bag kitchen of the year award, well, there exists none, but you get the whole idea.

If you love writing like the author of this article, you will certainly want to go for a white writing desk. Writing is fun and refreshing and with a white desk, you will want to write all day long. But let us pause for a second here. What year is this? It’s the twentieth century right? Well, nowadays, we rarely get to see any handwriting done, and that is why the concept of a writing desk has to be replace by that of the white computer desk unlike what the image may show.

Do you have a patio that lacks of much color? So dull it is that you actually resent going to relax there. Change this with a white wooden desk to go with your favorite lounge chair. The experience will be fulfilling you will want to paint every piece of your furniture white. If you are more inclined to simple side of life, there is a perfect desk for you, stunt that patio with a simple white desk chair for that enhanced simplicity look. White desks are cheap and readily available, they are also come made from different materials. The price will vary with the material and the design.

If you really want a white computer desk but you are on a tight budget, you can buy a second hand desk. There are also very cheap white desks on sale in your local mart. Try an online search and you will see why you have no reason not to own one. The Classic White Corner Desk Written by Maria Haloran for informational purposes only. Modern White Desk Modern White Corner Desk If it is a desk that is needed to complete a corner area of your home, then a white corner desk is the best finishing touch.

The great thing is that there are a variety of different desks that you can choose from and it can easily be matched with other pieces of furniture, as well as decor within your home. Keep in mind that there is no need to stick with a plain white desk, so find one that will suite your needs and taste. If there is a writer in the family, then an ideal piece of furniture would be a white computer desk. This desk can be found in many sizes, so it will fit in any area of a room, such as a living and family area or even a bedroom.

This type of white desk has compartments to hold all the materials which are essential for letter writing or for making out bills. The white computer desk is a classic piece of furniture that will add an air of tranquility and class to the atmosphere of any room. A white computer desk is also great for anyone who does a lot of studying and reading. This is ideal, especially if there is a need to store books since most of them have shelves.

In addition, it can be used as a white corner desk, so while studying you have easy and quick access to it at the corner of your room. Adding a white corner desk will aid in keeping things organized and looking neat, whether it’s in the bedroom, home office or living area of your home. It is a known fact that most corners of our homes get wasted, and nowadays, with the current state of the economy, there is no reason to waste that valuable space. Furthermore, if you are looking for a white corner desk that serves more than just a place to work and study as its purpose and would like to add a little something extra then a white desk with hutch should do the trick.

This desk has a surface for a computer and has multiple shelves which can securely hold a number of things such as books, pictures, trophies, and the like. You cannot go wrong with choosing a white desk with hutch. Depending on the style, this desk can be placed both in a bedroom and family/living area.

Adding a small white corner desk in any room will easily match the look of your home and office, not to mention making it look sophisticated. So when you are ready to go shopping either at your favorite store or online shop, keep in mind that there is more than just one type of white desk to choose from.

Find the Perfect White Desk Chair

White Desk Chair White Desk Chair Every home needs a desk, especially a white desk. It is the perfect finishing touch for an area of your home, especially when bundled with a white desk chair, and it can be used for studying, writing, and much more. The best thing about a white desk is that it can be matched with anything that you already own. There is no need for you to worry whether the desk you ended up choosing will match the other pieces of furniture or not.

However, you do need to keep in mind what style of desk will perfectly fit to the space of the room where you plan to have it in. Just make sure that whatever desk and white desk chair you decide on getting, it should meet the needs which you and your family have. In this light, most families today need a desk that function as many different things, such as being a computer table or study desk and even a place where business-related work can be conducted.

This type of desk can be a very practical piece of furniture to have, which means value for your money. Remember that the number one thing which needs to be thought about before purchasing a desk is the size of the area or room which you would like to use. For instance, if there is limited space in your living or family, then a really good choice would be a white corner desk. Just as the name suggests, you will easily find a corner for it and it will not take up much space. The same concept stands true for a white desk chair – consider the size of the area where you will place it!

With a white corner desk, you will not have to worry about the room’s look since it creates a clutter free atmosphere. The white desk chair will also be neatly tucked out of your way, while everything else is neatly organized and put away in the right places of an otherwise unused corner. Of course this is just one option when it comes to choosing your desk. Another nice option is a white desk with hutch, which is usually used for a more open area. If you happen to have a large and open kitchen area, then a hutch will fit in very nicely.

With this white desk with hutch, you can very easily and simply place different decorations as well as plants or even your favorite photos. As you can see, a desk serves more than just one purpose. On the other hand, if you just wish to have something small and simple, then the best choice for you is the white writing desk. Many love and already have a white writing desk because it can easily be placed in areas such as the bedroom. This desk can be used to store books as well as other knick knacks which you may collect.

No matter what type of desk you decide to get, a white desk chair will blend into the overall look so nicely. While the desk can simply be used for all types of uses or decorations, you have to remember that there are just a few things which you should take into consideration before getting a specific white desk chair for your home or office.

White Desks: Too Many to Choose!

White Computer Desk White Desks I have been looking for a new white computer desk for my computer room because I am just so tired of feeling like I am in a closet. The room I am using had at one time been a small guestroom but since we rarely used it I turned it into a home office. By the time I got everything in there that I would need to be able to work from home it felt more like a supply closet than an office. Knowing that white brightens up a room, I began looking for white office furniture. I did an online search for white desks and found the Ikea web site. Somewhere I had heard that they have a wonderful selection of modern Scandinavian style furniture so I clicked on the link to take a look around the site.

Boy was I surprised to see that Ikea has a location not far from where I live. Now you may not live in Seattle or Atlanta, but you can choose a white desk from their web site and have it shipped. After browsing around several online sites for a while and going through many white desks, I realized that the real problem I had was what size would fit neatly in the room and what style I wanted to run with. I could get a white desk with hutch and probably a lot of the papers and reference books I have lying around would fit nicely on the shelves.

I work on a laptop rather than a desk top so maybe a white writing desk would work, but I decided against that because I would just clutter it up and it would defeat my purposes. After all, I am trying to free up space and make the room less oppressive and cramped. A white kids desk will fit the best, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t fit at it! Perhaps a small white computer desk would work but I figured I would still need more space that what I was looking at. I still haven’t decided what kind of white desks will work the best but that is because I haven’t had time to look at any antiques yet.

I have quite a collection of antiques in my home so I thought maybe I could find some antique white desks that would fit or perhaps just one of those white desks that had been antiqued. The only thing I am 100 percent certain of is that I am going to use white. It is easier to clean and will give my cramped office the appearance of being larger. I’ll click around online a bit more before I make up my mind. I wish picking out a white desk was as easy as deciding on going white in the first place. There are just too many white desks to choose from!

Brighten Your Office with a White Desk

White Desk If you are looking to brighten up a dark or drab office, you might want to consider decorating with white office furniture. In fact, white furniture, or more specifically a white desk in any room lightens the atmosphere and brings out the colors in window dressings, carpets, walls and other furniture and decorations. White is a neutral color and goes well with almost any style from any era. In essence a white desk will blend well with any color scheme. For a family room or den a white writing desk would be ideal. Unlike black desks, white desks do not show every particle of dust and are easily cleaned.

Let’s face it, in a busy, high traffic area, dust is unavoidable. For those areas you might also want to consider a white desk with hutch. It could hold books, papers and even decorative knick knacks while functioning as a work area when need. Again, they are easily cleaned and many people prefer white furniture simply for this reason. If the room also serves as a computer room there is always the option to purchase a white computer desk.

White is also a great color for a writing desk or a desk with a hutch that will be used in a kitchen/dining room area. White desks are made constructed various materials including metal, wood and PVC. A white wood desk is would be more solid than its metal or PVC counterparts. If a lot of work is done at the desk then this would be the best alternative. Also, wooden white desks a crafted in many styles and eras of décor where white metal and PVC lend themselves better to modern motifs.

A good example of such a desk would be an wooden antique white desk. It may or may not truly be an antique, but the look is there. French Provincial is a classic example of white wood décor. For the students in your household they even manufacture white student desks and white kids desks if your children are younger. And here again, white lends itself to younger people because they are so easily cleaned and sanitized.

Even if the white desk chair matching the size of the desk is not available or included in a set, white is easily found in any size to match any decor. Because white desks lend themselves so easily to almost any style and for almost any room they are a good choice if you are not ready to redecorate the entire room. Do yourself a favor and choose a desk that will not only be functional but easily maintained. Go white.

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