Best Tekken 7 tier list {updated 2020 jan}

Tekken 7 Champion character tier list which updated now .

Lets not forget that tier lists are also a person/players’ opinion about how characters are. In this case the opinion is Aris’ based on 2/3 tourney settings and he puts emphasis on more things a character based on their tier.

S+ -:Paul, Dragunov, Devil Jin, Kazumi
S  :Jack 7, Ling, Steve, Jin, Geese, Law, Feng, Hwoarang, Katarina, Shaheen, Leo, Josie
A+ : Raven, Bryan, Heihachi, Alisa, Nina, King, Bob, Akuma, Kazuya, Asuka, Yoshimitsu
A  : Panda, Kuma, Lili, Lee, Eddy, Claudio, Noctis
A- : Miguel, Lars
B  – :Gigas, Lucky Chloe, Eliza

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