Best Laptop cooling pad Oct 2019{latest}

Laptop Chill Pad

Why Get a Laptop Chill Pad or laptop cooling pad? One device that helps you keep your laptop cool is a chill mat. It is an attachment that you can use to minimize the problem of overheating that can happen at the bottom of your machine. Most laptops are indeed equipped with cooling fans, but most of these are ineffective when it comes to keeping your laptop cool. The cooling pad will help by having several fans situated right below the bottom of your laptop. This will give it enough cool air to minimize any damage.


Most of these coolers can be used with an adapter and plugged to an existing power source, however, the most recent innovations can be plugged using the USB port and onto your computer. Other chill pads also provide several ports where you can insert a memory stick or key drives. These chill mats work by taking out the warm air from below the laptop. There are also other mats that work by providing cool air inside your laptop.

Most of these devices are provided with adjustable settings for the fans so you can control the flow of air. Of course, if you go for the USB powered ones make sure your laptop battery can accommodate the power. Studies have been conducted in the California Polytechnic University that shows that chill mats that are hooked to a laptop reduce the life of the device. However, if the laptop was placed at an angle, it would get much better air circulation.

Laptop Chill Pads –

Tragus laptop chill pad Targus PA248U Notebook Chill Pad

Created with two powerful built in fans to get rid of the heat from your laptop, you can be sure that this Targus chill pad can help protect your laptop from heat damage. At a mere 15 oz, you can easily use it with no problem. It utilizes an easy USB port for a power source and come with a convenient on and off button. Using this chill pad will certainly make your life much easier and more comfortable.

Mac laptop chill pad Targus AWE41US Chill Pad for Mac

If you own a Mac, then why not get this chill mat for your precious computer? It is comfortable and prevents damage to your device from heat. It has fans that are strategically positioned to cool down parts that generate the most heat when your Mac is used. It provides you with trouble free typing and can accommodate any Mac laptop up to 17 inches.

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xc laptop chill pad Targus AWE19US Chill Pad

XC for Laptops from 13.3-Inches to 17-Inches Another important chill mat for your Mac is the Targus AWE 19US. Like most standard mats, it is equipped with two fans that help provide cool air and work to protect your lap or your desk from potential heat damage. This laptop chill pad not only prevents heat, but also works by giving you a stable workspace to work with. You can adjust it according to your comfort so that you won’t have problems typing on the keyboard or viewing your screen.

laptop chill pad Targus Chill Mat for 10.2 Inch Netbooks (Gray) AWE39US

Want to keep your netbook running in tip top shape? Then get this cooling pad right now. It is specifically designed to generate cool air that keeps your netbook running smoothly and efficiently. You can also say goodbye to possible heat damage since it effectively works by keeping your laptop cool. It is equipped with rubber grips to prevent slippage and it plugs to an available USB port for easy use.

Targus AWE23US Stow-N-Go Chill Pad for Laptops up to 15.6 Inches (Black)

With this cooling pad, you can say goodbye to your overheating problems. You can easily use this cooling pad for travel since the width can be adjusted. Moreover, the height can also provide an ergonomic workspace since you can easily adjust it according to your comfort. It has a non-skid surface and a very quiet fan to help you work efficiently and quietly. You also don’t have to worry about getting a power source since it can easily plug into your USB port


Out of all the techniques, this was the only one that was proven to work and managed to reduce damage in the long term. You can find plenty of great cooling devices that have this feature in them. Not only does it help in keeping your laptop cool, it also prevents carpal tunnel by giving you a more comfortable angle to work from. One of the latest coolers that promote this angle mechanism is the Targus Cool Pad. You no longer have to worry about your laptop overheating or fighting off problems with your back or wrist. The upper part of your laptop is angled so that there is ample air circulation.It also has a great function that allows you to turn the device around to a complete 360 angle so that you can show the screen to another person.

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