Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4 Which is A Better Thermal Paste with Better Performance

See Which Thermal paste among Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4 is A Better Thermal Paste with Better Performance and also comparision of arctic mx-4 vs arctic silver 5

There is an important thing called thermal pastes, it may seem not so important or small at first but you’ll be surprised by the fact that how a few little quantities of thermal paste can save your CPU’s life, This is used when we assemble a new PC You should know about choosing a  good thermal paste because a good thermal paste helps to lower the temperature of the CPU.

Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4

We have many options available out there but of course, we have to choose the best ones and cost shouldn’t matter over qualities guys as we know how important is the thermal paste In this article I’m going to talk about 2 very popular thermal pastes and compare them because this belongs to the same manufacturer which is the Arctic, we are going to read about Arctic Silver 5 versus Arctic MX-4. With all the features and know which one is better. 

Arctic Silver 5


  • This comes with 99.9% Pure Silver for better performance.
  • The Arctic company says that Silver 5 can lower the temperature by 3 – 12 C but most of the users have experienced that it’s only 10 C.
  • Non-electrically conductive.
  • Easily applicable.


1. Its old & trusted in the thermal paste world and it is a thick compound.
2. This Will bring down temperatures by 10-20 degrees.
3. Quality is also good.

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1. If not applied carefully, will spread outside.

So it appears like, huge difference in performance & power saving!! Its been a few days after application, n the laptop seems to run cool & there is a visible boost in performance on load.

Arctic MX-4

With good performance, the MX-4 is very easy to use, whether it is for beginners. It guarantees the reduced heat generated from the CPU or GPU as, like metal and silicon thermal compound, the MX-4 comes with quite good consistency, This is Composed of carbon micro-particles which helps in extremely high thermal conductivity.

It is very easy to Apply. with an Excellent Performance, The ARCTIC MX-4 ranks among the top thermal compound, thermal paste or thermal grease in the market. It does not contain any metallic particles so it is Safely Applicable in also electrical conductivity will not damage of any sort.

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  • Easy to Apply.
  • MX-4 does not contain any metallic particles so electrical conductivity will not be an issue.


  • This Thermal Paste doesn’t dry out easily
  • MX-4 gives Better cooling by 2 C
  • MX-4 is also Suitable for overclocking
  • Arctic MX-4 is Metal-free
  • This thermal paste Lasts at least for 8 years
  • A 2 awards winning thermal paste.


It is not RGB.

Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4

Now lets come to the comparison chart here we can observe that with a  great level of performance  we can say that the Arctic MX-4 is slightly better than the Silver 5. I  think these 2 main points describe it all about arctic mx4 vs arctic silver 5.

Point 1 : The Arctic MX-4 compound is composed of carbon micro-particles and the Silver 5 compound is composed of 99.9% micronized silver.

Point 2: The thermal conductivity of is MX-4 is 8.5 W/mK but as we can see that the Silver 5 gives  8.9 W/mK w.

We are aware of this fact that Arctic Silver 5 is more popular as it was released before MX-4 but from my point of vies and also by watching all reviews I can say that the Arctic MX-4 is better than the Silver 5.

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How to apply thermal paste properly

Most of the beginners doest know about applying thermal paste correctly so most of them cover the whole surface of the CPU which is a big mistake, The right way is you should put a small drop in the middle of the surface and slowly put the heat sink above it and push it down then it will spreads the paste over the surface of the CPU.

Here we recommended watching a tutorial on YouTube this video will explain it more so you can easily understand how to apply thermal paste properly.

Note: this is not my video. it is just to help all users

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